Cynthia Harrison


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Body on the Bayou
SKU: 978-1509251568

When Jane Chasen visits her neighbor's penthouse to see a recently acquired Frida Kahlo self-portrait, Jane's assessment reveals it's a fake. The next morning, as Jane and her boyfriend Jesse walk along the bayou that winds through her condominium complex, they stumble over the dead body of the penthouse owner. Jesse, a police detective, disappears into his demanding job, and tensions rise with the discovery of a second body. When Jane herself is targeted, she realizes her own home is no longer safe. One of her friends and neighbors wants her dead.
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Jane in St. Pete
SKU: 978-1509233359

Widowed art lecturer Jane Chasen is not an impulsive woman. Why, then, does the formerly methodical workaholic quit her job, sell her house, and move from Detroit to Florida? Instead of pondering her atypical behavior, she takes a closer look at a neighbor's intriguing outdoor art installation. Days later, Detective Jesse Singer discovers the murdered artist in his studio. With Jane's help, Singer finds the victim's bloody shirt, inexplicably located within Jane's gated community. Singer knows nothing about art, and as he closely questions Jane, she offers to help with the art angle of the case. Singer soon takes Jane up on her offer. Then, Jane begins to receive anonymous threats. Singer, determined to protect Jane, keeps her closer to his side than ever--she's not complaining.
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Lily White in Detroit
SKU: 978-1509221752

Private investigator Lily White has a client with a faulty moral compass. When the client is arrested for murdering his wife and her alleged lover, Lily follows her intuition and her own leads. If she’s wrong, she’ll at least know she did her job. Detroit police detective Derrick Paxton remembers Lily from another case. He understands she suffers from PTSD and thinks her judgment is impaired. He goes after her client and the evidence he needs to close the case. When Lily is kidnapped, the case takes an unexpected turn. In a sometimes racially divided city, a black cop and a white PI work together to peel back every layer to find the truth. What they find leads them to each other, but do they have enough to bring the true criminals to justice?
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Blue Lake Christmas Mystery
SKU: 978-1509210756

All Holly wants for Christmas is to prove to her parents that her pricey college education was worth it. When she lands a reporting job in tiny Blue Lake, where the chill winds blow off Lake Huron all winter long, and a guest dies at a dinner party, she isn't sure she can meet that goal. Holly has a second writing gig as a true crime reporter in mind, but there's only one problem: the new love interest keeping her warm is determined she should not write about the one thing her heart desires. Bob has one goal: to get his life back on track after a train wreck of a relationship with a fragile first love named Lily. Oh, it would also be nice to feel excited about work again. Not to mention Christmas. Holly’s new in town and she stirs something cheerfully seasonal in him, but when he realizes she’s willing to take down Lily for her own purposes, he decides a holiday romance is the last thing he needs.
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Love and Death in Blue Lake
SKU: 978-1509204755

Courtney and Eddie, high school sweethearts, married young. Eddie had dreams of becoming a musician and spurned Courtney's attempts to start a family. So without bothering to get a divorce, she took off for California, where a new thing in the 1990s called "music video" gave her a career as a set stylist. Now their high school reunion weekend is upon them, and despite time passed, they find themselves as wildly attracted to each other as ever. But Eddie's an embittered failure as a musician and Courtney is conflicted in love as she has finally decided to officially divorce Eddie and start a new family in California with a man willing to have the child Eddie refused to consider. Will Courtney shape a new life or will she and Eddie finally make sweet music together??
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Sister Issues
SKU: 978-1942797067

A ten year age difference between half sisters Cher Smithfield and Ariel Taylor is not the only thing that divides them. From day one they’ve clashed about nearly everything, including Ariel’s crush on Cher’s ex-husband. Ariel, at 28, is still trying to find herself, while Cher has a perfect life managing a family property. She lives upstairs and runs a coffee shop, on the main floor. Then Cher’s stepfather divides the property, giving half to Ariel. Ariel has no blood claim to the property, and Cher once again is forced to overcome her little sister’s stubborn ideas of what is fair and right. For Ariel, turning the coffee shop into a full service restaurant is a no-brainer. For Cher, it means her quiet life and sweet oasis has just turned into chaos.
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Luke's #1 Rule
SKU: 978-1628306880

When Chloe’s employer amps up the verbal abuse and her ex-husband succumbs (again) to his addictions, she accepts a job offer across the country. Before starting their new lives, Chloe and the boys visit the family cottage at Blue Lake for their annual summer vacation. When Luke meets Chloe, he’s blown away. She’s a strong, smart, gorgeous woman, and he wants to know her better. This sweet dream dies when Luke learns Chloe is a single mom. His #1 dating rule is “no single mothers.” He shuts down fast because he’s been there, done that, and has the broken heart to prove it. Blending families and addressing addictions co-mingle with summer sunshine in a small lakeside town where the roots of love grow deeper than life’s challenges.
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Your Words, Your Story

Your Words, Your Story is a creative memoir and writing resource for short story, novel, memoir, screenplay, children's literature, and poetry. Includes section on how to publish. This text tells the story of one writer's journey and is ideal for new writer self-study or as a text for adult writing workshops. Self-publishing update in 2014.
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Sarah's Survival Guide

This New Adult short story about a young woman who becomes homeless, jobless, and pregnant all at the same time completes Sarah's adventures from "The Paris Notebook."
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Laurel Berman doesn't know why she has inherited special gifts for use in another realm, but she accepts her fate. With the help of her otherworldly guide, she builds her skills to include traveling through time and space. In collaboration with Romany cop Nate Haywood, she is able to access even more power. Nate doesn't rely on the old superstitions to do his job, but Laurel tempts him in more ways than one. When an anti-Gypsy campaign in their town gets ugly, they work together to solve the hate crimes, forming a bond that seems unbreakable. But will Nate's aversion to Laurel's powers be the end of them?
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Blue Heaven
SKU: 978-1612179896

With a tight budget and two months, Eva Delacroix has to turn six dilapidated cottages on Lake Huron into a shabby chic tourist destination. Fulfilling her father's renovation dreams and her own needs for family, Blue Heaven is Eva's last resort. Daniel Bryman will do anything in his power to stop city girl Eva from destroying the integrity of the historic structures his ancestor built. But as they work together to rebuild the main cabin, Eva's determination makes him question his own life choices. Despite their opposing views, they do agree on what to do with the attraction between them. When everything they've built threatens to crash down around them, will love be enough to save Blue Heaven?
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The Paris Notebook
SKU: 978-1612173481

As the girlfriend of a rock star, Deena Smith traveled the world in style. Now she's moved on and enjoys a quiet life as a college instructor. When she discovers her rocker ex stole a notebook of her song lyrics and claimed them as his own, Deena is determined to do whatever it takes to get her notebook back, even if it means playing nice with her evil ex. But when her co-worker offers to help restore her work, little does she know her quiet little world will be turned upside down. Sympathetic to Deena's plight, Jack Karris offers to assist. He can't stand the idea someone would wound her so deliberately. But despite the desire that sparks between them, Jack can't wait to leave the small university town behind. Deena is his unwitting ticket to New York, and although she has zero interest in the project Jack proposes for her writing, he's convinced she'll also find a dream come true. When the truth comes out, and Jack's good intentions are revealed, Deena must decide is he the sincere man she's come to trust, or is he just out to steal whatever he can... including her heart?
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