Novelist Cynthia Harrison was once a woman in search of a genre. She has written romance, women’s fiction, and fantasy novels. An avid reader, Cindy spent several years as a book reviewer for Romantic Times and Publishers Weekly.  While teaching creative writing to college freshman, she wrote her only non-fiction book to use in her classes.  Despite retiring from teaching to pursue writing full time, her writing manual Your Words, Your Story still sells on Amazon. Cindy’s most current novels, Love and Death in Blue Lake and Blue Lake Christmas Mystery, are both crime novels. In mysteries, Cindy has finally found her genre. Lily White in Detroit will be published in 2018 by The Wild Rose Press.

On sale August 15, 2018

Lily White in Detroit

Lily White, PI, has a client with a faulty moral compass. When the cops arrest the client for murdering his wife and her alleged lover, Lily follows her intuition and her own leads. If she’s wrong, she’ll at least know she did her job. Detroit police detective Derrick Paxton knows Lily from another case. He also knows the PI suffers from PTSD. Paxton thinks Lily’s judgment is impaired. He goes after her client, uncovering enough evidence for an arrest. Then Lily is kidnapped, and the case takes a sharp turn. In a sometimes racially divisive city, a black cop and a white PI work together to peel back every layer to find the truth.



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