Mad at my Underpants

This is not supposed to be a sexy post, unless you are a perv who thinks granny pants are sexy. I have other undies which we shall not discuss here, today or ever. What I’m mad about is that my comfy roomy baggie underpants, reliable for years, have now gone and changed. I might think I gained weight —┬áthis is the true reason for my pissedoffedness, how many poor women think they have gained — when the real problem that granny pants have gone the way of all supermarket products. Less material, same size, same price. Liars! I have a scale. I use it. I wore these undies with great comfort and joy when I was ten pounds heavier. So you can’t fool me. But this is a very cruel thing indeed for easily befuddled grannies. On behalf of us all, I protest.