My Stars

star9Astrology gets it so right so often. If we are stardust (and we are, 94% to be exact), if the moon controls ocean tides (it does, and so does the sun),  then why does it seem so silly to check out sun signs and moon signs (aka horoscopes)?

I know, it’s a big leap. But if the events of this winter prove anything, then watching the stars and their movement in the sky is kind of like doing your homework. It’s good to know when Mercury retrogrades, several times this year. We’re coming to the end of a long one now. I cannot tell you how many times I had to cancel meetings during this current Mercury retrograde (February 6-28). Yes, some of that is the weather, but other things, like communication, mess up during MercRetro.

For star-gazing beginners, ever notice how the stars in the sky appear to move as the world turns? Well, in retrograde periods, stars appear to move backward.

This retrograde, I rescheduled a workshop three times. Last time, I made sure the date was after Mercury moves forward again. Also, had a huge blow up in communication with one of the organizations I belong to…I wasn’t in the hot seat, but close enough. I shook my head in sadness and thought ‘Mercury retrograde.’

My laptop has been going haywire all month. (Expect electronics to act up during MercRetro.) Yesterday I turned it on and it made a very loud noise. I called my husband and put the phone to the laptop. “Hear that?” He did. We have our routine down now. Unplug laptop. (It has not been shutting off by itself, but freezes.) Take out batteries. Let the machine rest. Then do everything in reverse order.

Yes, it works, and I’m lucky. I don’t want to buy a new laptop, or any electronics, during MercRetro. It will be a lemon or at least a sour grape. Did I say my husband (who does not believe this stuff) got me a new phone? And it’s the top brand in the universe? And I cannot get voice mail? I have missed many voice mails and pissed many people off. “I left you an message…” they say.

I could go on and on with examples, but the point is, it pays to know your stars. What they’re doing, where they’re headed, when you should keep your head down and when you should blow full steam ahead.

Just looked out the window. It’s snowing. Hard. Looks like the luncheon I am supposed to host tomorrow might get cancelled. Already received an email from one friend asking if the ice storm that’s supposed to come tonight happens, which was nowhere in the picture when I extended the invitation, will it be okay to reschedule? Sure, after Mecury retrograde.


Lunar Eclipse

Not finished decorating this space yet. Am waiting for my manual to arrive and Mike to return home from vacation. It’s not fair to bug the boy about the missing links on my blogroll or how to get my stars back while he’s relaxed and away from home and work. The reason all this remodeling is happening is because of a new feature I want to build into a new page, so it will all be worth it in the end.

Still working on the magazine pitches. My horoscopes this month all say that a long-held dream is going to die during the lunar eclipse at the end of the month. I wonder which one? I’ve been wanting to drop something from my dream sack so I can focus more intently on things that have a hope of coming true. So what will be the thing to go? Teaching? Something with YWYS? Magazine writing? Publishing my novels? I don’t know, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

This morning I skimmed a few of the magazines I bought last week and found two that are perfect to pitch a couple of ideas. I like to look through all the articles and try to find a space where my idea would fit. It could be a regular feature space, written by a different freelancer every month. How do I know its a freelance written space? I check the masthead. Then I try to guess which editor might run that section of the magazine and send a compelling, perfectly written pitch to her.

I’ve got a new group of writing students this morning at 10, so I didn’t get even one of the two pitches completed. I did a lot of prep work, however. My interview with Ron Geraci is proving invaluable as far as insight into what editors want from freelancers. I have used his advice over and over to teach others and educate myself.

Garage Band is a mess right now and I apologize. That’s also part of the master plan, to organize all my archives, and do something with GB so that the interviews are all easily accessible. Meanwhile, I have to close now and make myself pretty for the people.