Word Count Crazy

Harlequin’s category romances have specific word lengths, different for each category. They like writers to adhere pretty much to those standards. And they count actual words, not 250 times number of ms. pages like some other publishers.

The series I’m targeting wants 55,000 words. I have 50,000 as of this morning. What I can’t figure out is if I already added 5000 words (I have been tracking) and I needed 7000, why am I still 5000 short? Admittedly I am not a math whiz, but this is ridiculous. I have to stop cutting!

It’s okay. I can still meet my March 16 goal of 7000 words and a revised ms. It’s just that I might have to revise it again, looking for any opportunity to enrich the love story so I can plump it up by another several thousand words. People tend to think writing romance, especially category romance, is easy, but trust me, it’s not. It’s fun, and it’s an exciting challenge, but it’s not easy.