This is the photo I used for the cover of my poetry ebook Paradise Fields. It looks great as a book cover. My idea was to use the photo instead of the stock photo from Word Press., but I’m not sure it translates. When it gets stretched the moon kind of looks like a UFO.


Of course this is not the pretty new design. One day soon we’ll open the page and there it will be. Meanwhile, I’m studying. I have categories now, and tags, and I think Mike is going to roll them onto the new sidebar. Either he will or I will. Word Press is amazingly easy to use, although I still need to master the art of the image upload. 

Meanwhile, in case you’re wondering about the shutting down the multiple blog system, it’s because I’ve been thinking the kinds of questions that run through the mind of a concerned blogging American. For example: If my book is about writing, and my blog is about writing, why do I need a different book blog? And if I designed the book as a self-study manual, why do I need a class? Wouldn’t this be two blogs on the same subject at the same website? Isn’t that the definition of crazy?

Yesterday I thought these things out loud to Mike and we came up with a plan. Lots of it happened spontaneously through discussion, like stopping the four blog system. What can I say, I was a mad blogging girl, and it was fun, I tell you, fun! But I’m done. Gotta save the Pink words for other work. 

Mike’s going to put all 22 of my Garage Band interviews over here, and they’ll have their own category, but we’re taking down In The Pink (890 entries) and What I’m Reading (275 entries). That still leaves me with 1335 entries to categorize and tag, minus the dozen or so I did yesterday, so it may take a while. But it’s actually kind of fun. I am so behind the curve on this. I know! 

Life is Change

This has been a month of letting go of what’s no longer working. Happy changes are coming, to my website and my life. First, I quit a job that didn’t work out quite how I’d planned. Then, Mike and I decided to streamline the website, down from four blogs to one. He found a beautiful design and together we brainstormed a content concept that feels right. There’s still more stuff brewing, but I haven’t gathered all the facts yet, so stay tuned.