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I have a new partner in writing. The Woodward Press has done a whole bunch of good stuff in the Detroit area for friends who are writers. Now they are helping me, and wow am I impressed. My latest favorite find.


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Astrobarry is my go-to weekly horoscope guy. He posts on Sundays 50 weeks a year. He also writes a dozen or so in-depth pieces on the stars and how they guide our lives in the moment every year. And he has written several yearly horoscope books for all signs of the zodiac.


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Astrology Zone  Susan Miller not only gives great FREE monthly forecasts, she writes books, birthcharts, calandars, and other spot on advice garnered from the position of the stars in the sky.


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Vernie is my critique partner and her new book of stories Night Cruiser was featured in a recent post here.


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In addition to blogging about romance novels and authoring a line of how-to books about social media and working online magic,  Barb also is a WordPress website expert and in charge of keeping my site looking spiffy 🙂 I can’t recommend her highly enough! If you like the look of my site and want to know more about Barb, I interview her here.



Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 6.54.04 PMMolly Greene: Writer Molly’s blog includes all the info you need on promo, strategy, and social media scoops. Author of Blog It! Molly also writes an addictive P.I. series starring Gen Delacort.




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Cindy LaFerle Cindy’s Home Page also has a link to her awesome art site. She is a widely published journalist and essayist and her collection, Writing Home, will warm your heart.



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Sharon has the best site around for women in the midst of life, sharing inspiring thoughts, challenges & great photos.


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 Terry Tyler authors the best self-published books I’ve ever read. She also does a column about self-publishing for an Arts journal. She is consistently brilliant. She’s also a lot of fun on Twitter!


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Laura Zera  leads weekend workshops that help us get to our hearts’ true desires. She’s also the author of Tro-tros and Potholes, a book about her solo adventures in West Africa. She blogs about travel and psychological issues.


    1. Terry, you have been a catalyst for me since I joined Twitter. Reading your novels and getting to know you online, I felt a real connection. Also, when my first indie novel came out you offered me excellent advice on everything to using Twitter to finding reviews. And sometimes I still ask you questions–you are never too busy to reply. Your model for tweeting about books is what I strive for…not there yet! You make it look so easy:) Thank you for all you do!


    1. Glad you like it! I’ve had a blog roll since 2002, and you’ve been on it since we met. I wanted a different look, but didn’t know what it would look like. So glad to have a web designer to bounce ideas around with…I love reading the blogs, and your pretty header always puts me in a clicking mood:)

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  1. Cindy, you are so kind to support us here — thanks so very much for this shout-out! I love and admire your work too, and am truly honored!!

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    1. Cindy, I owe you such a debt of gratitude. I remember when searching for a writer’s group, when trying to figure out how to market my first book, when trying to navigate internet publishing…I contacted you out of the blue and you took me by the metaphorical hand and led me to DWW, to the Midwest Independent Book Review, and to some online markets. (Remember “50 Something”?) Your blog posts, like your book, are pure “home comforts” and meeting you in person and seeing your beautiful home was a highlight. And you continue to support me as writer, by asking me to be on women’s writing panels at ROPL and now at the DWW conference in May! You are a keeper:)


    1. I like that you all are weighing in here! It’s a surprise to me. Vernie, I’ll never forget meeting you when I was running the conference for DWW a few years ago and at a meeting casually mentioned I had a Macomb based writing group. “If anyone is interested…” I said, as most of our members meet in Oakland. You waved your hand, and since that day have become an invaluable resource and dear friend. Only the latest example of your fine critique skills is giving me the title for my newest novel in the Blue Lake series. Love and Death in Blue Lake is exactly the book title I needed and you came up with it at exactly the right time! I am so looking forward to seeing your Coin of Rulve books in print:)


    1. You are so welcome Laura. Just so lucky my son and his family live in your state so that I have lots of reasons to visit and to see you in person. My first introduction to you was though your first book, and loved your story. I admired your sheer courage in traveling alone through West Africa, too. You’ve done so much for me…including airport service! I am so looking forward to attending your workshop next month:)


    1. Sharon, we have been through so much together. My mentors and friends on this page have sometimes introduced me to others. Terry Tyler introduced me to Bodicia at A Woman’s Wisdom and Cindy LaFerle introduced me to you. Molly Green introduced me to Laura Zera. The online community has been truly amazing and your posts are like grace notes in my life. So happy you are happy to be here, too!


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