For Writers

star9I’ve been blogging about writing here at A Writer’s Diary since 2002. For ten years, I wrote a post a day. Some were better than others. I’ve chosen the best of the best advice for writers here in the hope that you will benefit from what I have learned along the way.


How I Got to #1 on Kindle

My Week With Jenny Crusie

Ten Fixes For Writers’ Block

Romantic Writing Ideas


Deep Character

Using Flaws



Conflict Lock

Writing Romance

Defining Women’s Fiction

Passive Voice & Other Problems


Consummation 1, 2, 3

Working Through the Sexual Stuff

Bringing the Sexy

“Balancing Writing and Life”

Spring Cleaning for Writers

Emergency Writing Idea

Beware of Busy



Career Planning: Chaos into Order

“Blogging the Books”

As I wrote my books, I blogged about problems and solutions and so forth. With the first three, I carried out an ambitious project, turning all of the posts into one story, told from the beginning to the end. Turning tons of  blog posts inside out and editing away the asides was a lot of work. I wimped out with Gypsy and Blue Heaven, but you can see the whole process with the first three books. I look at some of these posts and think “Wow. I really did it.”

 Gypsy (2014)

Blue Heaven (2013)

The Paris Notebook (2012)

Sister Issues (2011)

Your Words, Your Story (2007)


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