1. Hi Cindy,
    Love Your Words, Your Story. Have it on Kindle and that is how I found you and your website. On Nov. 14th you wrote that you’ve been reading novels mostly with death as a theme. Could you please list some of the titles, or include others you know of?
    Marie Gemender

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    1. Hi Marie, So glad you found me! And that you like my book:) Here are a few of my recent reads, novels with death as a theme: The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, A Memoir of Grief by Jennifer Weiner, The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell (anything by Patricia Cornwell), The Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg, Broken Harbor by Tana French. Also Joan Didion’s memoirs about losing first her husband (The Year of Magical Thinking) and her daughter (Blue Nights). Then also Joyce Carol Oates The Widow’s Tale. Didion and Oates books are ALL about grief, the others have it within some plot strands


  2. Cindy,
    My mother saw you in a magazine about 10 years ago and wanted to but something she saw for her granddaughter who is thinking of majoring in journalism at Colorado University Boulder. She is kind of vague on the details but she said it is some type of packet on journalism. You can contact her directly by mail or phone, she does not have an e-mail address. Or you can contact her indirectly through my e-mail address.
    Mary Ann Archer

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  3. Hello Cindi,

    I came across your blog, enjoyed some reading and was wondering if you might add my blog to your link list? It is http://www.litsubmit.com, a collection of links to literary magazines and journals for the aspiring writer. I have already taken the liberty to add you site to our link list. Thanks for your time, and I dig your blog.

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  4. Hello my long lost love! Thank you for the tribute to ….US! I may not remember that kiss on the bleachers but I’m trying hard to! I remember walking home from there or your house with the lighter-than-air feeling of having a new beautiful girlfriend. I DO remember kissing you like crazy on that red lounger you had at the house when your Mom was out grocery shopping. Do you remember that? Gotcha! By then we were really good at kissing! Thanks for the kind words! Later and Love, Dave~

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    1. Hi Dave, You really do read my blog *blush* I do remember that red lounge chair! We were so young an innocent. And ever since you taught me how, I have loved kissing. With the right person of course.


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