Cindy’s Indies

I’ve read and reviewed each of these kindly priced indie novels. They are all great reads. (I  may be a bit prejudiced about my own indie novel, Sister Issues.) Happy Reading:)

Melinda Di Lorenzo Snapshots by Laura

Barb Han: Caught in the Crosshair

Molly Greene: Mark of the Loon  (read my review here) & Blog It!

My indie novel: Sister Issues

Karen McQuestion: Easily Amused

Becky Wolsk: Six Words & Food & Worry

Bob Sanchez: When Pigs Fly

Christine Nolfi: Treasure Me

Terri Giuliano Long: In Leah’s Wake

Mike Wells: Wrong Side of the Tracks & Lust, Money, Murder trilogy

M. A. Rogers: Chivalry is Undead

Mark Schaefer: The Tao of Twitter

John Locke: How I Sold a Million eBooks in 5 Months!

Becky Wolsk: The Text Isle Patchwork Cookbook

Kathy Lynn Hall: Red Mojo Mama

Laura Enridge: Tro-tros & Potholes

Terry Tyler: Dream On, Full Circle, The Other Side!

P. T. Mayes: Red Written





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