Jane 1-2-3

Photo by Leonardo Rossatti on Pexels.com

I imagine Jane 3 cover something like this. It seems so far off. I did finish first draft of Act 1 Jane 3. But now it’s time to change gears and do another edit for my publisher for Jane 2. I’m still hoping it comes out this summer but heck it could be fall. Or winter. Jane’s house looks like this year-round, though because she’s in Florida. If you’ve read Jane in St Pete, you might wonder what happened to Jane’s condo in Winding Bayou. Somewhere close to the end of Body on the Bayou (Jane 2) (coming soon) there’s a big change in Jane’s life. Huge change.

And it will last into Jane 3 except now I have to take a break from J3 to do more edits on J2. Then I think after these edits I’ll have a cover. And hopefully J3 draft done and revised as well by the end of the year.

What else?

I am changing my main social from Twitter to Instagram and it’s going slow. I’m also changing from photos and my #bookstagram hashtag to reels. So I did one today! I have yet to figure out how to load photos from Mac to Windows. All in good time. We have our house mostly fixed since the hurricane six months ago. Again, going slow. And I’m in a writing group that is very active, thus making me active. IRL. You know, on the circuit selling books at community fairs like the Venice Book Fair. Giving library talks. But mostly behind the scenes, doing my part as Vice President of Gulf Coast Sisters in Crime.

I could not wait to move to Florida full time and write full time and that is what I’m doing. We made it happen! Although there are still other things I need to do and want to do besides writing. Like reading. And catching up with friends. My birthday is this month and my friend since 5th grade invited me out to lunch. I’ll take a picture and hope I can post it here. If not, for sure Instagram.

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