Finished Frida!

Finished the second Jane in St Pete mystery! Wrote it, read it over, edited on hard copy, took notes on what needs to be added (not much). I dislike going from hard copy to computer but there’s not much of that. I have hung on to this computer despite all the problems; my treat once I submit to editor and finish edits is a new computer! One that works better with Word. I don’t have an idea for the third artist. I was thinking of a 1960s era feminist, like Judy Chicago.

The happy way to sustain a series is to have a theme you love and a symbol too. The theme for me is art and the artist is new with each book. I’m planning a trilogy but we’ll see. If things go as usual, I will be working with my editor for several months.

Finally got a title on the last day of writing! Body on the Bayou. My books are often released in November/December. That would be a dream.

I’m shocked that WordPress accepted my personal photo. It’s a jpeg. My artist for this book (every book has the large theme of art and the personal symbol of a particular artist) is Frida Kahlo and I just happened to come across this snap from years and years ago. It easily folded itself into the narrative. This one has been a joy to write and I look forward to revising, even with the labor of revision with hard copy and computer.

In other writing news, I tweeted the blogette again last Monday. I really like the form. I don’t usually have much to say on Twitter, so this gives me something to contribute.

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