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My favorite way to avoid reality is reading. I’ve been doing more of it than ever since Covid came into our lives. Some days, most days, it’s the only thing I do. I should be writing my novel, but I’m…not. Ten pages a month is not a cheery output for me. My head is too cluttered right now and I wonder if it’s my age (66) or the move from the northern part of the country to the southern. During Covid. Which makes a difference.

I miss my friends. It’s hard to make new ones during a pandemic with your head stuck in a book. We had a lot to do when we first got here. Despite the crazy rising costs of houses, our plan was always to move to a house and we are stubbornly sticking to it. Also we are keeping our little St. Pete condo as an investment property because housing costs are not going down any time soon but the stock market just might crash. Another reason to buy a house. We finally got the okay for a pre-approved mortgage, our final piece of business, and called a realtor here in St. Pete. He says he has lots to show us in our $ range with our specific wants/needs.

Then this morning Al showed me a place on the Florida map north of us with newer, nicer houses for half the cost of those we’ve seen in St Pete. (Just to give you an idea, in St. Pete, a condo in a new development with the type of floor plan we want is a million dollars.) We had planned to move about an hour south if we didn’t find something affordable in St. Pete. This is an hour north. On a golf course. Not as close to the beaches, but still on the Gulf side of the state. I said okay, we can go an hour north or an hour south.

There are several reasons to go south instead of north. We have many Michigan friends who winter an hour south of us. We even have a few friends who live year round thereabouts. Then there are our boys. They have more family dotted south of us all the way to Naples, so when they come visit it is convenient. One positive thing about moving north is that it’s cooler in summer. The heat in St Pete did not please Al, and he has yet to golf. He only started walking a few weeks ago. Also, the golf courses seem plentiful in those northern ‘burbs.

My head knows I’ll get the house I want north of here and a happy husband. My heart says “stay put or go south.” Logic says Al is usually right about big moves and we’ll be content to live out our days a bit north, where there are nights when it actually freezes in winter. Freezing temps, or even a slight chance of them, make the news as it doesn’t happen every year. Most days I keep my mind occupied with Regency, England in 1815. I wouldn’t want to live then, but if it’s just in my head, I can pretend they have toilets and running water.


  1. Same thoughts going through my head. The property values in our area have sky-rocketed, and we are thinking of moving, but just the thought of leaving the house that is now perfectly ours, after so much work – making it just the way we want it, and having to start over, is almost paralyzing. And my book, which I would say is about half-written, and all the research journals, notes, maps, and timetables stand neatly untouched, on a corner of my desk. I dust the stack every once in a while – but that is all the attention it has received. Good luck house hunting!

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    1. It feels good to know I am not alone in the writing slump. Sorry it’s got you too. We were lucky in that we really wanted to move south. Both of us were done with the snow and icy roads and below freezing winter temps. We did like our house and my husband especially liked our tax bracket. Still we finally found a few houses worth investigating south of here! Hope you and I both get our writing mojo back. Are you doing NaNo? I have done it twice when in a slump and it worked but I just do not feel up to it this year. Still, you might try!

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    1. Oh good luck. It sounds like you’ll be looking at a lot of everything. We have our wants/needs pretty clearly defined but that’s because we are old 🙂 It’s exciting to share the housing journey. Happy house hunting xo


  2. Good luck in your house hunting. I have been following along as you embark on this journey – there are a lot of “moving” parts. I think you will know when you find the right place for you~

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