Moving House at 66

We will miss you, Dad

Al’s dad is turning 90 in September but we celebrated early with him yesterday while the estate sale folks took everything out of our cupboards and arranged all with elegant simplicity on tables they brought . Even cleaning products like mops and brooms look kinda good. Then also it’s like living in a danger zone when we pass the crystal table dangerously set up next to Al’s chair. He’s selling the chair, too. Al made coffee on the kitchen table because our countertops are filled with mostly glasses. Also plates and bowls and serving dishes. Even the silverware is out of the drawer. I’m not sure how this happened but it’s fine for the few days before we move forever to Florida. I suggested Al make coffee in the bathroom like you do at a hotel. But no. He had to bring a very long orange extension cord so he could do it his way. It worked out.

What I have learned is try not to move when you are 66. Al is strong and fit so it’s not a big deal to him physically but it was hard emotionally saying goodbye to some of his family yesterday. We said bye to my family last week. Also hard. Even my dad is here! He’s got a ticket back to Florida but with the way the virus is, Florida is Spike City and Michigan is mostly safe. Not the best time to move there. We have tickets to visit our Seattle family so we’re not staying in Florida yet…the few days we are there I will be masking outside or in public. We have two young grandchildren in Seattle and even though we are vaccinated, this “delta” twist has me considering postponing the trip for their sake. Meanwhile I’ll see you down the road. xo

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