What’s Up, 2021?

I am for sure not a great picture taker, but this quick selfie was to show off my new dress to a friend. Then I blew her a kiss because I was imitating one of the emojis we often send. Then I liked it. Fuzzy photo with no hair combing or a speck of make up on my face!

Figuring that we will still be masking for at least six more months, I’ve decided to swear off make up. Even eye make up. This conversation has been going on for a while between my friends and me. Make up smears your mask. It rubs your face and creates a not good complexion. Whatever your complexion was, it’s worse with make up under a mask. For me, anyway.

Also, I am 65. When will I allow myself to go natural? I never wore make up in high school, because I was a feminist! Then later I was still a feminist but I liked this guy and he wasn’t asking me out, so I got contact lenses and started wearing make up. He is now and will be forevermore the father of my children. So the make up habit continued, especially when I was teaching. Standing in front of a classroom can feel a bit like acting. I needed my disguise.

Then you know how we used to go out and have dinner or drinks or dancing? I was not going to be the only girl in my gang without make up. Then came Covid. I know people say eye make up is essential for masks. I don’t think so. My youthful feminist does not think so; she’s still inside advising me to just be myself. There used to be an age when women could slip into the matron stage without fuss. Especially if their hair was grey. Which mine is, but that’s a different blog.

Al, Dad and I went to check out the new pier (it’s lovely!) masks in place as needed. Then Dad wanted to have lunch downtown and there was plenty of outdoor seating. I didn’t think a thing about not having make up on…although I admit it would have been a different story if I was meeting girlfriends or even if the party was comprised of Al and I eating out (literally) with another couple.

As for the Zoom conundrum, I don’t care. Those thumb-sized images don’t show much. But. What if I were giving a professional presentation or a workshop? I did one of those when my book first came out and YES I did wear make up. So my vow to not wear make up anymore may be just for the duration of this damn virus.

I wasn’t optimistic enough to think 2021 would snap its fingers and all would be normal again. We’re getting closer, but it’s a slow slog. Slower than even scientists thought! Even my astrologer thought it would be over by now. Early in the pandemic she said the contagion might last as long as December 2020. Let’s just hope it’s over before Christmas 2021.

Happy New Year everyone *insert kiss emoji here*

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    1. It’s been a cooler January in St Pete so far, Jay. I was reading how the Gulf stream affects us in St Pete. Not as hot as rest of Florida in summer and not as cold in winter. We’re blessed here. Now to move down for good…but first…sell Michigan home:)

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  1. Still can’t comment on your blog as it doesn’t recognize me. Oh, well. Haven’t seen another human being in the flesh in 12 days. No makeup for me. Have dropped eyeliner anyway since my bout with shingles. I think as we age we all benefit from blurry photos. You look good, but Florida sounds just nuts. The rest of this week should be really wacky. Crawling to 1/20/21. Annemarie just wrote a terrific review. 17 DWW members now reading at Hats Off and Hurrahs on 3/20/21.. Trying to figure out how to advertise that many voices in Eventbrite ad. Stay sane. Barb

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    1. Barb, I have that problem with a few of my favorite bloggers, too. I did approve so it will show up now on WP. We are in a pocket of semi-sanity on the east Gulf side. Not the ocean with the really busy Miami, Lauderdale, and Daytona. People here did not wait overnight 8 hours in their car like Miami for a “first come” vaccine. Here people called and made appointments for 500 doses in my county. When those were gone, the word got out via phone, tv news and internet. More will be in later this week but we don’t know which day or how many doses. My dad is here and he is 83 so I’m urging him to get one. He shrugs it off but I tried today to impress upon him that he is 70 times more likely to get it once that new strain takes off. Bracing myself until 1/20.


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