Afraid of Covid?

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If you’re afraid of Covid, it’s not surprising. The news stories and statistics upward of 300,000 deaths, not to mention the masking and staying away from others…it’s as if we are caught in a grim nightmare. I am truly sorry for the people who have died, and for their families. The tragic stories make me sad. The lack of help for those in need: food, rent, heat. It’s all heartbreaking and it sucks and it feeds our fears.

About six weeks ago, my husband and I came down with Covid and we weren’t sure if it was the flu or sinus infection or maybe Covid. My doctor said “Quarantine for two weeks.” I asked “Do I need a test?” She said if I wanted one, I could get one, but I was already doing the most important thing. Staying away from others. After we were better, my husband’s doctor did a blood test and he had antibodies for Covid. So he had it. I guess that means I had it too. It also means that now we are immune for however long (doctors don’t know) and we can’t pass Covid on to others. We are not contagious. And we can’t get reinfected, at least for awhile.

I’m glad because this week we are heading to Florida and I was worried about my dad. Now I know I can’t give it to him. Such a relief. I’ve had another possible health problem that needed tests and more tests. Due to Covid, I had to move our travel dates back by two weeks. I wasn’t sure what would happen even then, but today I went to the hospital and finally got the “all clear.” More relief.

But then…I mentioned I had Covid on FaceBook and was amazed at all the people who responded, worried about if I was okay. Did not one of them have Covid yet? Because I’ve been very careful and followed every rule and I got it, lots of my neighbors got it, too. It’s not that bad for most people. I’m 65. I’m fine. Most people recover at home. I didn’t get a fever and I still smelled the coffee. I could say I was fatigued, but truth is, I like a nap some days. I won’t underplay it. I wasn’t well, but it was the kind of sick where I might have talked myself into going to work, and I know Al would have, and he was much sicker than I was.

We are retired so we don’t have to make those tough calls anymore. Bosses are idiots. They get mad if you call in sick, not realizing you’ll be passing your germs around. Or not caring. Covid is teaching us how deadly germs can be, and more important, how we can stop them from spreading. But if you’re afraid, take heart. Chances are, you’ll be fine. Drink a lot of water. Rest.

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  1. I got really sick just after Christmas last year and was sick for almost six weeks. No-one else around me got sick – just me. I finally got the blood test in November. Antibodies were weak but still there. Since I do have lingering symptoms – including loss of balance (I can’t even climb up on a step ladder) I definitely don’t want it again. Be careful, they apparently think you can get it twice and the second time is generally worse!


    1. Jan, thank you for the info. I found myself more tired than usual & sometimes wobbly too. Yoga balance is coming in handy! I’m so sorry you were so sick & that early. I was interested that the antibodies lasted so long. Also a blessing you didn’t give it to anyone else. I was really sick last November, much more than this Covid thing. But I could only find incidents from December. I swore when the virus first became public that’s what I had. It was worse by far from the Covid virus. Ill four or five weeks, couldn’t eat or sleep. I went to dr & they found no fever. They gave me Z-pac. I’m glad we are both better. Happy holidays!


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