Writing Rooms

I used to have a little writing space in St Pete. Then this year, Al decided to bring his desktop PC down here and I said he could have my little desk and chair. I only used it in revision when I needed space. Mostly I write on a cozy chair with my laptop.

I moved it to the sunroom, Al’s favorite room . It’s working out great for him!

But back to me. We’re still in Covid mode and don’t go out much. So the pages are accumulating. I got to the point where I needed a new plot outline and a bigger space for revision. First I tried the table in the sunroom. I was going back and forth from chair in living room to table in sunroom. It soon became clear I needed a desk of my own. We found the perfect spot for it in the guest room!

This is more comfortable than it looks.
But this is better!

When guests arrive, I can move the chair into the living room. I have just the place for it. And I can whisk all my writing things onto a bookshelf in my bedroom. Guests will have the desk to put stuff on. It’s perfect. They wouldn’t be able to use the closet anyway because that’s where I store my Christmas tree and all the other Christmas items I brought down this year.

Meanwhile, I am having fun imagining the story as it reveals itself to me and also making great strides in writing, researching and organizing my second Jane in St. Pete Mystery. It is set in December 2020, so my imagination dwells in a world without Covid.

Soon we’ll all be free of this pandemic. And I will see those beloved and very much missed mystery guests I mentioned…

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  1. I am amazed you can write on a laptop! Good for you. My hands and arms cramp up, my neck hurts, and my eyes get tired. I gotta have my keyboard and monitor at eye level. Your space looks nice! We writers need it!

    I was just thinking of doing a post on my writing room. Great minds think alike. 😄


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