Jane’s Cover!

I just got the finalized book cover for Jane yesterday. I have been slapping it up everywhere I can. I used the larger jpg they sent on this page. (We get four sizes). With my publisher, authors fill out a art fact cover sheet. You can list three images and mine were blue sky, white sand, palm tree. The artist, Diana Carlile, did such a good job adding to that very brief description. I really like how she used all caps in the title and all lower case for my name. And the nice coordinated colors.

There’s another thing authors can do on our art fact cover sheets. We can check a box for “no people” on the cover. Which I did. A few times, when I had people on a cover, they came as a shock to me, like, that’s not who I pictured when I was writing the story. The shirtless man was really a disappointment because he looked nothing like my husband. Next book, I requested “no shirtless men” and got one in a wife-beater.

This cover is among my favorites. I love The Paris Notebook cover, which was my first with The Wild Rose Press. She’s a teacher so that apple just makes me smile. Paradise Fields is my only book of poetry (it was privately printed and is now out of print) and I have a photo from one of my sons on the front and another from my other son on the back cover. So that’s special, as is Sister Issues that has a post-it note with my daughter-in-law’s photo with her sister. And now this sweet Jane cover. Still no pub date but things should start happening pretty fast now 🙂


  1. Barb, thank you so much. You have been such a cheerleader for me as we both sweat out this editing process. I hope I see YOUR book cover soon and that’s it is everything you envision.


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