Another Cliff Dive

Working on the new manuscript, currently titled Book 2 Jane. It’s going slow as I don’t know everything yet. I don’t even have a solid subplot idea. It took me a week to think up a first scene that contained an decent hook. There’s still one pivotal piece of information I’m dissatisfied with in this scene. I just need to do a little more research. The placeholder clue I’m unhappy with is okay, it’s a cheap trick, but it works. For now.

Some days, starting a new book feels like diving off a mountain cliff on purpose. Why would I want to do that again? Why does anybody do that in the first place? I tell myself it will be fun once I know more. Once I get going. Once I figure out who the murderer is and also his motive. IRL murderers are almost always men. At least I don’t have to worry about that. Murderer is a man, case closed.

Meanwhile, did everybody get a bigger royalty check this quarter because of the lock down? Mine was much larger than usual, and I haven’t had a book out in almost two years. Nor have I done a lick of promo. I don’t usually look at my Amazon ratings or sales figures, because that can be depressing, so this uptick in sales came out of the blue.

I don’t write for money, which is a good thing, because I don’t make much. If it wasn’t for Covid, I could take my husband out for a fancy dinner on this “big” check today. And maybe leave the tip, too. Why do I write again? I can’t remember. I used to like it. I liked writing that scene yesterday. I’ll probably like writing again tomorrow. I didn’t write any new words today but I figured one or two things out, so I should be happy with that.

So here’s my list. I write because 1. I (usually) like it 2. it’s nice to have books with my name on them on my bookshelves. 3. writers are some of my best friends and we have lots in common. 4. I can’t read ALL the time.

Rereading #2, it’s embarrassing, because it’s an ego trip, but it’s true.

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  1. This is the truth – I wish I could write mysteries as they are my preferred form of entertainment but what comes out of me is hugely fueled on guilt. I really have to check out your book as I could use a bit of levity and congratulations! (order some expensive take out for hubby)

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    1. Jan, I’ve written (and published) everything. Journalism, hundreds of book reviews, slews of poetry, dozens of short stories, romance novels. All before I tried mysteries. I thought well, they should be easy. Ha 😁 not. But I like a challenge.


  2. Congrats on the big check! I like your list and I think number 2 is, if we are all honest, a big attraction to writers, at least at some point. Perhaps it’s not ego, but simply putting our name on our work. Because you and I both know writing is hard work. A lot of professions put their names on their product. When I first started publishing, I was so thrilled to see my byline. Now I just love to do work that is stimulating and rewarding. But I wouldn’t do it anonymously. Or at least I don’t think I would. You are such a prolific writer; kudos for starting a new book!

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    1. Haha, I could support myself for a week…maybe, with what I make writing. When I was working for money, teaching, I built up a lot of books, I’d write summers. Then I took time off, just to write, so when I retired (early) I had so much to revise and send out there. It’s been a life’s work and you’re right Cheryl, it’s work but so rewarding. In the flow like nothing else.

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