Golf is now open and Al has a league twice a week so that’s nice for me as I’ve been working on the Short Story Mystery Workshop I am giving online this coming Saturday. I sometimes write with Al home, but my office has no door to close, and he’ll stop by with random thoughts. So golf gives me time alone to build this workshop. Intrigued? You can register here.

A friend of Al’s stopped by for a minute last week and I refrained from hugging him. With things opening up, I worry I’ll hug my hairdresser when I see her. If I see her. The little shop in town I go to…I hope it has hung on through this. I called but the phone just rang and rang. I’m taking it as a good sign that the phone is not disconnected.

The friend asked me how Al is doing with all the time off. “Bored out of his mind, I bet,” he said. Nope. Not even a little. He’s always up to something. Yesterday he washed the windows while I finished up my notes for the workshop. I think, if you include the door windows, which he cleaned too, it’s something like 14 windows. That kept him busy 🙂 He took all day. They sparkle!

I’ve said this before, but it just keeps sinking in deeper: since Al retired, I have far less time and he has far more time. This works in my favor because we have coffee together every morning–and he makes it. He also helps me keep this house clean and is a magnificent chopper of veggies. He knows all my favorite wines, and the prices, and he reads all the sale papers. When he finds a good wine at a low price, he goes to the store and stocks me up.

Now if only my hair salon was opening (and I could get an appointment) before my onscreen appearance, maybe I’d sparkle like the windows. Not happening until a day or two after the workshop. Although I am going to make an effort with hair and make-up. I have not put on make-up in months. But I will Saturday. It’s my online debut as a mystery writer.

This is the first time I’ve taught a workshop in a few years. The first time I’ve done it online with video. And the first time ever that I’ve taught the mystery short story. I know a lot about it though as I’ve been writing them for a couple of years. Also, I’ve been reading and analyzing how they are put together. Plus, researching what the wise ones say. Putting together a new course is something I love to do.

I’m really glad I didn’t follow that silly idea I had that when Al retired I would stop writing! No need to do that at all as I have the best of both worlds. We see each other more, a lot more, but we also each pursue our own tasks and interests.

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    1. We have A few interests in common. He reads business stuff on iPad, I read fiction on Kindle. He like Watching Marvel Avengers and I like BBC. He loves sports and I love to write. But we both like slow coffee Mornings and eating mostly healthy. We both having cocktails on the deck or by the fire, music, mostly classic rock. We love walking on the beach together. And we both love to dance!


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