Retirement Diaries

Day 13 of Al’s retirement. Was not sure I’d ever write that sentence. But it happened and I finished my book, too. Sent to my editor and she replied that I can expect her notes end of March. So six weeks to relax and feel good. If the first two weeks are anything to go by, it will be a walk on the beach. Literally.

I didn’t know what to expect when Al retired. He’d been driving to the same building, stuck in the same rush hour, working for the same company, clocking seven days a week much of the time, for 47 years. I don’t know how he did it, but then, he had me to take care of everything else, so he could focus on one goal: work hard to retire in comfort. Job done!

So far, things have been really good. Friends warned me that it would be an adjustment. So far, it means adjusting to having a companion on beach walks and a special someone to talk to at coffee every morning. It means Al helps around the house. He made dinner last night and did the dishes! It’s all good. I expect the retirement road won’t always be smooth, but for now, it’s super nice.

Al is happy and relaxed. There are lots of things he wants to do, like finish the basement in Michigan, and some things I want him to do, like paint our Florida galley kitchen a very light blush pink. But these projects can wait while he just enjoys and adjusts to his new life. He keeps busy following the stock market, hitting the gym, and golfing. Plus walks on the beach with me. He even goes grocery shopping with me! Our house in Florida is a second floor condo, so it’s nice to have him haul the groceries upstairs.

This is the guy I married in 1985. Laid back, mellow, happy just to be alive in the moment. It’s a wonderful thing to see him relax again. I wasn’t sure he’d be able to, he’s been working so hard for so long, but turns out he’s really good at it.

As for me, I met with my Florida writing group last Friday. This group is very different from my Michigan groups. We don’t critique. We support. And we write a page or so from a weekly prompt to share at next meeting. Simple. Easy. Relaxed. I’m also thinking about a new design for the blog. Something that feels like Florida, since that’s where the upcoming book is set. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. That’s a big change! Cyberspouse had two retirements, one from 30 years in the police which also meant we could move down to the coast, but still need to work. Then he was a civilian for the police, starting over with new people. Last few years he went to 4 days then 3. We have friends to go out with, but he also has his own boys’ outings with chaps from work and camera club.

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  2. I am intrigued by “cyberspouse” … and the gradual transition sounds ideal. It’s all good here except my startle response is off the charts. I am used to being alone most of the time. That’s great for a writer, but transitioning to having him home—it’s embarrassing because when he comes up on me unawares I scream. Loud. My heart beats like a trapped bird. I feel bad about it. He’s not trying to scare me, he’s just quiet.

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      1. You are very fortunate! I asked mine to call out when he’s a few steps away or just clear his throat, think I’ll have to tell him many times until he gets into the habit. BTW was reading your website for clues to “cyberspouse” (turns out he is not an internet husband—not sure what that would look like—🤣) and read about your coastal life and your books and tried to comment but couldn’t. Then I clicked on a Word Press link you provided, as I use my WP reader to connect with other bloggers, and down the rabbit hole I went.


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