Family Time

I am eating M&Ms smushed into a blob of peanut butter. This is my lunch. For anyone following my Quit Sugar mission, this is not part of the plan. But there are absolutely times when you have to drop the plan and pay attention to more basic needs, like chocolate. I have M&Ms in my house because I hosted a family barbecue on Sunday. My three grandkids were there! Hence, leftover M&Ms.

In the midst of celebration and connection, we had some tragic news about someone we all love. As much as I dislike teasers of this sort, I’m trying to protect the privacy of those involved. I’ll just say, we were thrilled to be together and crushed by this nightmare news. We kept it from the little ones, of course.

Still, people must be fed. Coffee must be perked. Wine glasses filled. I loved this weekend with my kids and grandkids and parents and my brother Bill. I’m trying to accommodate the more painful parts of events mixed in with the overflowing joy.

I don’t mean to trivialize tragedy by suggesting sweet treats help. They don’t. So I’m going to leave the leftover pie and ice cream alone and try to cope with this clash of opposites in more productive ways. For me, that means writing. No matter what the hard thing is, writing will ease the ache, at least for me.


  1. Life is a combination of the good and bad and it’s a shame when they collide. We found out on Christmas Day as grandkids were opening their stockings that my SIL’s mother passed away. I think of her every Christmas morning – she was very religious and sometimes I think she picked that time so her children would attend Mass. I did consume a lot of chocolate on that day.

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    1. Jan, thanks for sharing that. I wasn’t thinking that yes, often joy and sorrow happen together. The part about how the family now have to go to church on Christmas made me smile. So even smiling when things are sad. Another clash of opposites. But that’s life and glad you reminded me.


  2. I so agree. Putting it out there, so to speak (even if you don’t name the people involved or what the tragedy is), releases some of the tension you hold within. It’s cathartic. Blessings to you and your family. Grief shared is lessened.

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  3. When life kicks me in the teeth, I escape to my garden. Nothing else neutralises pain of any kind quite like getting my hands dirty. Twenty minutes of this and I can cope with anything…

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