When I’m 64

All of my adult life, I have been collecting my favorite books and authors, promising myself I’d read them all again when I retired. Some day in the distant future. When I was old.

BTW, I don’t give the word “old” a negative connotation. It’s a place the lucky ones will all arrive at one day. At 64, I have arrived. Old is a place that you can’t really pack for…how was I to know in 1975 that there would be a little electronic book called the Kindle that stole my heart and helped my eyes? I have as many books saved on the Kindle as I do on my shelves. And I won’t need a van to move my Kindle to Florida. It fits in my purse.

I’m a planner. That plans often go awry is a lesson learned. I’ve gained mental flexibility as I’ve aged. When Al retires and we begin living on a “fixed” income, I’ll slow down my book buying (something Kindle makes far too easy!) and read again all those books I’ve loved before. I’m looking forward to it, but now I wonder if the book and the time of life have more to do with reading pleasure than I’d previously considered. Soon, I’ll find out.

My ideas about what to do in retirement are not for everyone. Some other surprising things I’ve done are completely change my diet and let my hair grey naturally. The diet makes me feel so much better and coloring my hair made my scalp burn as I got older. So I adapted my way of doing things. Now after completely reloading my pantry with nuts and seeds and coconut, two or three times a week I’m batch-cooking healthy foods that contain no sugar or wheat. If you would have told me this just eight weeks ago, I would have said no way.

Now when my body yells at me, I take the approach of “well, I’ll try this new thing.” It’s working out just fine. I don’t even miss bread. Or pasta. I kind of miss pizza, but everybody has gluten-free pizza these days. I made fudge this weekend. I used Swerve instead of sugar. Swerve does not raise blood sugar like other artificial sweeteners. It was a test and for my delicate tummy, Swerve did not pass. I made peanut butter cookies with Swerve, too. Al liked both sweet treats and didn’t have any digestive issues. But he doesn’t have problems with sugar, either. Next time I’ll try brown rice syrup, which my body tolerates better.

As for the hair, it is finally growing out to a longer length. Not sure if I’ll like it this way, but it will be easy to put in a ponytail in Florida and, as I get older, I am all about easy.


  1. I read for my own enjoyment – it’s leisure and relaxation and my escape-to when I’m in a mood. I used to enjoy holding a book in my hands and lying down to read, but since I became blind, all my books became digital – isn’t it a wonder?
    As for the gray hair and dye, try sage oil – it let’s the hair grow black again – you’d need to apply every day to the scalp.


  2. Growing old is definitely about easy. Not always available, but we can always compromise.
    Now, is someone could just discover an easy way to promote all of our books, I’ll have it made…


    1. Yes, that would be great 😁. I don’t do much promotion. Actually, I do zero promotion. 😂 At this point in life, I’m happy to look back and say “Gee I published a lot of books!” And that was always my primary goal. Just to write good books and be published. Not make money or hit the bestseller lists. Those things would have been nice, sure. And when I was younger I used to think about and hope for more success. Every new book was another chance. Hope for bigger and better success always briefly flamed. Even with my last book (2018) I tried to do all the promotion I could, but I realized, little by little, how uncomfortable self-promotion makes me. I am sure if I ever finish the current WIP I will try again! Hope springs eternal.


  3. Great post! I’m 26, so can’t relate to a lot of what you’ve said yet. But I don’t give “old” a negative connotation either. I think growing old is a privilege that a lot of people don’t get. Plus, 64 isn’t even old in my eyes!

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