I have not had a piece of toast in six weeks. Reading a sentence like that would have made me frustrated, angry and upset before I started eliminating sugar and wheat from my diet. Again. The other times I tried similar plans, I found them too difficult and inconvenient. The food world runs on sugar and wheat. It’s convenient and yummy. I had wheat at every meal. Cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner. Now I have other things, like frittatas.

I always secretly wanted to learn to make frittata but it seemed so complicated. First, you had to have the right pan. Cast iron skillets are good. This is my 9 inch, but I also have a 12 inch for when I cook for friends. After you oil the pan (I use coconut or olive oil) just throw in chopped veggies, whatever ones are in your fridge and sauté. Then mix eggs (9 eggs for 9 inch pan, 12 for 12 inch) until almost fully blended. Add grated cheese to the eggs and then put it all in the skillet. Let cook on stovetop a minute or two and then switch to a 375 oven for 25 minutes or so. I got the nice brown around the crust by adding a little extra grated cheese around the edge. That’s it. So easy. And it reheats well.

My wheat filled food choices were not doing my health any good, but I refused to accept it until I ran out of options. Wheat was the last on a long list of things I had quit eating in order to get my body back working like it used to. I thought, okay, I’ll just try. I switched out all the flour and wheat and sugar in my pantry for healthier options. Nuts, seeds, coconut. Flours and oils made from them. It took several weeks and two cookbooks to get me where I am today: making bread without wheat or sugar so I can have some avocado toast for lunch.

What has improved? My energy and sleep. What has been eliminated? Anxiety and IBS. Also anxiety about the IBS, not getting enough sleep, not having any energy. I was also anxious about aging. I thought maybe I was just getting old and things were breaking down and that’s the way it was going to be. Not true. Everything has improved, including a weird case of excema that persisted for a year before I cut sugar and wheat.

Also I lost five pounds but that wasn’t the point. That’s what’s different this time. The other times I’d cut carbs, I was doing it to lose weight. This time I am doing it to gain health plus peace of mind. And it’s working so well I can’t imagine ever going back to eating sugar and wheat.


    1. Favorite is Zingerman’s sourdough. Because sourdough is fermented, it’s okay for no sugar/wheat diet. Whew! I may take the leap and make my own “mother” dough starter soon.


      1. I make them all the time didn;t know they were so good for you, I love them. I put spinach,onion,mushroom , cheese and egg in mine. some times anything I have in fridge will work to.


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