Pinterest Progress

I ‘m in love! Last week, that first crazy happy week, saw me dropping work on my novel over and over in favor of my new passion. This past weekend, I finally felt my Pinterest love pay off. I was able to take what I’d learned on the platform into real life. It was not the kind of real life reward I’d intended, but it felt good anyway. And something I already knew about myself (I am not great at selling books on my social media platforms) was reinforced.

While I worked on creating many new boards and pinning all kinds of things to them, I also either made old boards private, deleted them, or fixed them up. I’m still new to many of the available functions on Pinterest. I have a lot to learn, but I was able to do much with help from my Word Press coach, Barb. Among other things, Barb helped make my Pinterest page a verified business account. She’s a great teacher and fixer. (Find Barb at Bakerview Consulting.)

Many of my new boards relate to writing, I even put up a board that hosts links to this blog. I’ve wanted to do that since I stopped using Facebook, so it was particularly sweet. Then I did my passion project, the one that paid off in my personal, not professional, life. It’s called PURSES because my closet space needed reorganization and in particular I needed to store my purses in a visually nicer way. I like to be surrounded by practical harmony. My closet was not that. In particular my twenty purses needed to get off the floor and the haphazard pile on a shelf where I usually keep the purse currently in use.

It’s spring and I think I’m like many people who feel, at the start of this season, the urge to organize, clean and straighten. Usually closets are most in need, because it’s so easy to shove things in and shut the door so you do not have to see them. A few hours pinning organization ideas onto my PURSE board and I was fully motivated. I finished the actual project two hours later. I had not been able to part with even one purse, but I purged some sweaters and put other items back where they belonged. And I found a perfect and pretty way to store my purses.

The one thing I had not accomplished in my week of pinning and creating boards was giving each of my books it’s own board. With a buy link. I think I managed to do it with my most current release, but it’s not perfect and the other books still don’t have a proper board with a link. I am not good at selling or even giving away my books on social platforms. I already knew that and Pinterest only reinforced my disinclination to sell socially. On the plus side, I have some fun new boards, including the vision board I’m using to inspire me as I write my current novel-in-progress. Maybe the revision will go as smoothly and swiftly as the closet cleaning.


    1. I am really enjoying it, Cheryl. I heard a PR expert speak at Bouchercon who said Pinterest is the best selling channel for writers. I’m not feeling that yet, but I used to make collages from actual magazines and pasteboard for my characters/books. I am doing one for the WIP (calling it Jane in St Pete for now) and it’s great. Plus I don’t spend $$$ on magazines and don’t have to figure out where to store those old collages! Also, closet organizing motivation. Win/win/win šŸ™‚

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