Eat, Drink & Be Merry

I just can’t do it.

Read this book yesterday. Started out very hopeful that this could be the guide that would finally, finally give me a stable weight and better health. There’s a list in front of the all the health problems doing this 30 day diet will possibly cure. By the time I read everything involved with this plan, it seemed impossible, even if it could cure all that ails me.

A page from the book.

So, I’ve got (or am close to getting) ten things on this list. Just saw doctor, and the news was not the worst, but it wasn’t good. I need to clean up my act. I usually do eat pretty well. I don’t drink much alcohol anymore as it keeps me up at night. And I like sleep. But about three weeks ago I went on an inexplicable chocolate binge. I ate more chocolate in three weeks than I’d had all year. Once I did that, I started allowing sugar back in to my life in a big way. And some wine.

I realized only an idiot would make a doctor appointment complete with blood work on December 20. And then top that off with weeks of eating in restaurants, chowing down on whatever I wanted but usually denied myself, including desserts and drinks. I just lived it up like it was 1999, so that could be part of why my pre-diabetes and very close cholesterols are too close for comfort. Also I felt like hell. Clearly, I needed to clean up my act. It’s not about weight, although I’m at a very high weight indeed. It’s about health and feeling good. Exact wrong time of year to realize this, but that’s me.

I’m a typical overweight American. The kind of obvious person who starts a new diet every January. I still want to eat for health. I just can’t go as far as the extreme and time-consuming Whole Thirty. 

For a long time, I had success with Plant-Based Whole Foods. That, too, is difficult, but I managed it. Then I had bad reactions to beans and legumes, even lentils. I couldn’t eat cauliflower or broccoli! Those basics of a PBWF diet started wrecking hell on my digestion (to put it delicately). I had no choice but to eat a little bit of meat again for protein. My main goal is to get my cholesterols and blood sugar lowered. Weight is a consideration but for once it’s not the number one reason. I just want to feel healthy and have energy again.

It’s Christmas Day, so for those of you who celebrate, have a happy one. I’m still going to make a nice dinner for my husband, and I’ll eat some of it…but there won’t be Christmas cocktails by the fire.


  1. Happy New Year, Cindy. I read this post and then didn’t come over to leave a comment. I have been following your food journey and take to heart what you’ve learned. I have two pair of pants that are my guide – when they get tight I know I need to take stock. The biggest buggaboo in the last year has been work; I’ve been unhappy and that glass of wine in the evening was a nice reprieve. Since I changed jobs mid-December I have been rethinking that habit. Early January I made a commitment “no wine” between my husband’s birthday Jan 4 and mine in early February. I have an occasional beer or cocktail but the nightly wine is taking a break. You continue to inspire me and give me food for thought;)


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