Give Me an A

IMG_4459My psych teacher’s voice went up a notch. “We have no free will. We are all driven by our Id, Ego, and Super Ego.” I knew what an ego was. You either had a big one (not good) or not much of one (too good to be true) or you had the perfectly balanced ego, the one like in the fairy tale that was just right.

As the talking head at the front of the room paced, fingering his Freudian beard, he explained what the Id and the Super Ego were, but by then I wasn’t listening. In order to pretend to listen, I made a note that if my Id or Super Ego was driving, not to get in the car, because they were dangerous strangers.

Believe it or not, I still got an A in the class.

Which brings me to the current part of this story. I wanted to write something funny today since my last flash fiction post was so sad. Unfortunately the A key on my computer is broken and my many attempts this week to get it fixed without my husband’s help have proven hopeless. I didn’t think I could write decently with the top of the key continuously flipping off & me pressing it on, over & over.

But, good news for the future! Hubby is coming Tuesday and bringing a new A key, which he bought online for $6. I’d gotten a couple of quotes ranging from $35 to $200. Is this because, like the car mechanics of old, I’m a woman and they saw me coming? Knew their ego was bigger than mine and they could take me, no problem? It’s been frustrating living without my husband for ten weeks, but living without an A key has been worse. I have not been typing much, not even commenting on social media.

I stopped working on my new novel and decided to print out the pages I’d done thus far. My printer ran out of ink after three pages. I decided to be bold and just save the document on my external drive. Which, I just now remembered, I have yet to do. External drives baffle me, but I believe in them because my husband, and also the salesperson who sold me one, says they’re good.

You won’t believe what happened just now. The top of the A key flipped right off (nothing new) and fell into the crevice of my chair, my fingers unable to retrieve it.  So, will the oil from my fingers ruin this delicate machine as I strike straight into the guts of the key?

Probably, I should have tried to write something not using the letter A. I thought it would be too difficult, I thought the result might be possibly boring. Just doing one sentence without the elusive letter (written just previous) proved difficult enough. Hmmm. I’ve done three. Not enough to prove I’m clever, even with four. Even with my fine ego. (Five!)


  1. What on earth?! Why would a letter “A” cost so much? Note to self – be kind to my letter “A” and good job on your 5 sentences without an “A”. I didn’t even miss that pesky vowel.

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    1. I love my Mac because it can’t be hacked, so I hesitate to say that Apple is just like any other company. They constantly update their products so it’s not easy to replace even a simple thing like an A key. The first guy I went to at an iClinic (really nice guy, charged me zero) tried several A keys from MacBook Air models and none worked because it wasn’t MY model. The next store didn’t have my model either. The Apple store wanted to keep my laptop (the horror!) and run a diagnostic before they’d even talk about what I needed to replace. That first contact told me breaking a key is quite rare. Well, not if you’re a writer! Right?


    1. Oh my June, I hadn’t thought that part of it through. And a full moon now. I did think in terms of messages from the universe and what I got was “take a break” and I’ve been doing that. Funny how that came out “A” break 🙂


  2. I give you an A for this! And for using an external hard drive. I hear they’re important, but I’ve never quite got mine to work well with my Mac. I’ve gone through 2 trying. I haven’t given up:)


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