Postcard from St Pete

It’s hot today or maybe it’s because I have been busy all morning, making pancakes (hot stove), blow drying my hair (hot air), and starting the laundry. I would much rather be at the beach, like these people in the vintage post card. The day is a bit overcast but still warm enough for a stroll in the sand. We’ve been in Florida for five days now, finally starting to feel settled. Still have not been for a walk or a sunset on the beach.

When I grocery shopped I only bought fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Al hasn’t noticed yet that he is on the PBWF diet with me. We did go out to dinner last night with my dad, my brother and sister-in-law, Becky. A night off from cooking and also, full disclosure, I ate a filet mignon, paired with a nice pinot noir. I have not had a steak since I began straightening the curve months ago. Once Al leaves–he has another week with me here before he has to go back to work–it  will make sticking to a plant-based program much easier.

What I love about my diet-for-life is that once you’re in the groove, there are no cravings and no hunger between meals. It’s easy to step outside the diet and get right back on, which is not true of any other diet I’ve ever been on. Also, the energy levels go way up and I just generally feel sunnier. I’m hoping it is helping me inside as much as outside. I want to be below the pre-diabetes numbers I’ve been carrying around for a long time without giving it a thought. I wish I’d admitted to myself that most often pre-diabetes leads to diabetes.

In other news, I’ve been working on audio versions of The Paris Notebook. Almost done. Have a cute little office area now that my writing room has become a guest room. I’ll be writing much more after Al leaves, too, as my editor will be sending edits on the crime novel any day. It makes me wonder how we will work things out when he retires. My big idea is to sell our home in Michigan and move down here while scouting out a larger place. Just like Virginia Woolf, I need a room of my own. With a door. Ideally, one that opens to the Gulf of Mexico.

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