New Year, New Spirit

Happy new year! I went to the bookstore yesterday looking for motivation. I need to move more. I’m not as active as my body likes here in Michigan during the winter months. I found a book (I always find a book) but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for…then I remembered an email I’d received from Cassie Steele about esoteric spiritual practices. Cassie writes for the website Backpack Universe¬†and she sent me a link to an article on on using Tarot to deepen understanding of our life path.

I have been reading Tarot for many years and knew I could use Tarot to unlock the secret of motivating myself to move, but before I even got out the cards, I realized the universe had already taken care of me. I’ll be leaving Michigan for warmer climes later this month, to my new home in Florida, where exercise is effortless because I simply live differently there. I don’t hibernate. I do much more purposeful walking there and I dance more there, too. I eat more healthfully. I engage more with physical life in general. Until then I resolve to do some gentle yoga by the fire every day. Just a couple of asanas listening to “Here Comes The Sun” will work.

I’m a true believer in diving deep into self-awareness. I’ve read about everything in the bookstore on my particular favorites which have led to a greater understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses. I’ve had psychic readings, religiously read Astrology Zone every month, Astrobarry every week, and of course, read Tarot as a guide, and, more lately, a portal to my intuition. I recently did a day of reading other people’s cards in a Facebook group and found I didn’t need to consult any of my (many) Tarot books. I saw the symbolism of each card immediately and intuitively. Several of those I read for connected right away with my take on where their life is at and what they can do to improve it.

I also follow the phases of the moon. Kate Surgery, a psychic who did a reading for me a few years ago, writes a lovely essay on the phases of the moon every so often. We have a super full moon today so I’ll be checking out what Kate has to say about it. Susan at Astrology Zone worried that the full moon would intensify the already wild energies spent on New Year’s Eve. It didn’t happen that way for me. I had a single glass of champagne and was tucked in bed reading well before midnight. Perhaps due to the moon, I was more restless than usual and ended up awake anyway to see in the new year.

If, like me, you’re looking in the bookstore for a quick start kick off to a resolution, you might check out some of these less traveled paths to deepen your connection to body and soul in 2018.



    1. I have been using only the Major Arcana and a five card spread. I can do a reading in 15 minutes if that’s all the time I’ve got and I need some guidance or something to jump start my intuition. Happy New Year Jaye! xo

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  1. I have done and will do for you as soon as I get out from under editing my crime novel. I didn’t have a book out in 2017, first time in several years, so I’m working hard to really make this one great. My editor says it should go fast…fingers crossed. Meanwhile, you can ask to join the Facebook group I belong to, Divination Guide. It’s a private group but they do readings every day. I think you’d like it.


    1. Thank you Bernadette. Yes, if, like me, you don’t like to drive in snow and are not a fan of winter sports and hate being cold, Florida is better. Also I love how in Florida people my age are out and about dancing, walking on the beach, playing tennis, swimming. I prefer dancing and I get a lot of it down there. Here in Michigan there aren’t a lot of opportunities for 60+ to dance. Bars are for young people. The condos don’t have clubhouses or dances. All the dance classes are geared toward younger people with moves that could cause injury easily … I miss my line dance class where everyone goes my speed and we dance to songs I know.

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  2. Happy New Year, Cindy! I got back on the treadmill last week – desperate times call for desperate measures. I always feel better and regret that I took a break, this time it was for months. My grandmother used to read Tarot and I wish I had been old enough to learn from her. I sure could use some guidance this year. May it be a good year for you!


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