Sexual Assault

Who knew it would get worse after Cosby? Who knew even our country’s president would be one of the sexual predatory creeps out there? And Al Frankel! Jesus, it breaks my heart. I wrote this post a few years ago. With so many women speaking up now I’m hopeful things will change. And for those guys who ask “Why’d she wait so long to tell?” Sure blame the victim. I’m 62. So many women in my generation thought change would never come. That’s just the way some men are and YES some old men like teenager girls. Men with power will almost always try to use it on some woman somewhere. Hollywood, come on! This has been forever. The term “casting couch” is ancient.

614SObutttonWEBMaybe because of the Bill Cosby news lately, maybe because the fiction I’m writing deals, in part, with a rape and its aftermath, maybe because I’ve been sexually assaulted five times–whatever the reason, this is the post I never wanted to write. And yet, I have to tell this story. You wouldn’t know by the statistics, which are lower than I expected, but I think it’s almost every woman’s story.

Five times. Is that a lot? I can’t bring myself to dig that deep into the raw data, and anyway, most victims are probably like me and don’t report these crimes. Being assaulted sexually, short of rape, seems tame. Seems like whining to complain. Seems like I got off easy. Should be grateful. Should shut up about it and get on with my good life. Which, until today, I mostly have.

Nobody knows my number. Five. I didn’t know my…

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