Diet Danger Zones

I know all about things that can get me in trouble when I go on a weight loss program. Plant based whole food really is more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle, but because my #1 directive from my doctor to avoid diabetes is to lose weight, I have to work this into the PBWF diet, and it’s not that hard to do. Except when I make it that way.

Wine is not illegal on a PBWF diet. But I have recently discovered (this didn’t use to happen to me) that if I have a couple of glasses of wine in the evening, I don’t sleep well that night. I really need a good night’s sleep to function properly. (That wasn’t always the case, either. Clearly these are age related indignities.) When I don’t sleep my brain gets lazy and I decide that I’m just going to have a little chocolate or potato chips, or both.

All of these things (empty calories, sleepless nights, junk food) ruin a diet. I did that life expectancy quiz everyone my age has probably done at least once. The alcohol was set at 2.7 drinks a week and I left it there, not really wanting to know how much I drink. The quiz calculated I’d live to be 92! Not bad.

I asked my husband if I drank more than 2.7 drinks a week. He laughed. “You drink that in a day.” He has a point. I don’t drink every day, and I don’t drink 2.7 drinks every time I drink, but I know I drink more, maybe 6-8 drinks a week. That sounds high. I’m a little embarrassed by that number, but it’s pretty accurate. It’s really too many drinks for someone who has to lose 30 pounds. Or maybe more. For a person trying to lose a significant amount of weight, alcohol for the week should be zero.

And so should potato chips and chocolate and cheeseburgers. Zero, zero, zero. And yet, I am all too human. I make mistakes all the time. But it is really important to be me to straighten the curve and drinking 6-8 units of alcohol a week, which leads to eating junk food and not sleeping well, is not gonna help. I really don’t care about wine more than weight loss. I don’t care about wine more than sleeping. And so I am going to stop drinking alcohol and go with the #1 drink recommended by PBWF, a drink, as luck would have it, I really enjoy: water.





  1. I find if I have one thing that is sweet, it triggers a whole cascade of events, such as me going to the pantry to find carbohydrates, and then feeling like crap because I did. So I just avoid anything that might do that. I drink a bottle of water and the desire to eat sweets usually goes away – not always though, but I don’t succumb to it quite as quickly. Good luck on your weight loss journey!!!!

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    1. Thanks SD. You are an inspiration to me with your awesome weight loss. And you are so right about that slippery slope. It has to do with brain chemistry. Once that “wine” light goes on, it creates a bigger mess as my brain screams gimme.

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  2. Jaye, I’m sorry and I’ve been there. I am still there! We made our wildest dreams (becoming authors) come true. It was great! Wow what a rush! We did it! And yet…the thrill is gone. For me, after taking quite a bit of time off to engage in life and friendships (and also to watch television and read books until I felt cemented to my sofa cushion) I am taking baby steps in new directions. I put everything on the table including not writing anymore. At the end of a long rest I’m getting tentatively started again and it feels good. New book, new characters, new setting, new social media outlet (new to me anyway). Give yourself time- as much time as you need, dear!


  3. Good luck with all your goals, Cynthia! Not drinking is one of the best things I’ve ever done – I only drink on social occasions now, and as I rarely go out, this means about 5 times a year! I find that the less you drink, the less you want to – it has stopped being a part of my life now. Mind you, I used to drink your 6-8 glasses in one session, and have 3 or 4 of those a week. Now I sleep better, feel better…. but haven’t lost weight – still, can’t have everything!


    1. Terry I’m so glad to hear that you love your sober life. I think I will too. Bummer about not getting a weight loss out of it. I have had to give up so much: dairy, sweets, and now wine. Plus I don’t eat meat. So I’m hoping this sticks and gets the scale unstuck!


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