I took notes so I could report in an intelligent way about how my body responded sugar-wise to the plant-based whole food diet after six weeks. The news is good. The test my doctor uses to track my insulin levels is an A1c blood test. A normal number (not diabetic or pre-diabetic) is 5.8. As the number goes to 5.9 the body hits the pre-diabetic range. It stays pre-diabetes until 6.5. At 6.5, you are a diabetic. I was 6.4 at my last test six weeks ago. This time, I am 6. I basically cut my risk of diabetes in half in just six weeks.

Does this mean that another six weeks of eating this way will see my sugar in  the normal range? I hope so. Meanwhile, not eating dairy has cleared up the digestive problems, so this is a double win. I’m very cheered with the results. The diet is not difficult. Shopping for the food is easy, as you mostly use the produce section of the store. Putting together a meal is a snap. I’ve been using my crockpots for cooking dried bean and lentil dishes and I’ve also put together an easy two week meal plan so I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat.

I use my medium crockpot for a lentil-potato stew and my larger one for recipes with dried beans. (Cooked beans taste so much better than beans from a can.) The little crock pot is great for appetizers, sauces and dips. Most recipes freeze well, so that’s another plus. I am a big fan of cooking once and eating twice. With the large crockpot you’ll have three or four meals for two people.

For the medium crock pot lentil potato recipe, I quarter 4-5 potatoes, 2-3 carrots, onion and celery if I have it, 16 oz. canned tomatoes, and about a cup of lentils. I use green but red lentils will work. You can add any other veggies you want, like corn or peas. I spice mine up with pepper and curry, although one time I forgot the curry and the dish still tasted great. I don’t salt recipes anymore, but herbs are great. Parsley, basil and thyme would be good with this, too. I do add salt to taste once the food is on my plate.

There are tons of recipes out there for vegan crock pot meals, and some of them do so much prep it puts me off, but I made this one up from ingredients I had on hand. I didn’t pre-cook anything, just scrubbed the potatoes and rinsed the lentils. Easy!




    1. Jaye it is sometimes a challenge to keep moving in the healthy direction. Making this food at home is one thing, but I’m a social person, so restaurants and parties are difficult for me. I see cake and I want it. My doctor said “everything in moderation” but I don’t think my brain has that program 🙂

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  1. Cindy — Big congrats to you for eating a healthier, plant-based diet. Doug and I have been eating this way for a long time, and it has been a great way to keep blood pressure down as well as weight. And you just feel so much better, don’t you? We love making vegetarian soups in the big crock pot — pea soup, bean soup, and Moroccan stews, etc — and always have extras to freeze for anther meal. I am a major salad fan, so we often have soup and salad for dinner. I shop a local farmer’s market once a week for a wider variety of vegetables, and really enjoy eating this way. For me, it is a pleasure, not a diet, and not a sacrifice. Keep me posted on how you are doing, Cindy!

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    1. Hey Cindy! I loved when we went out to dinner at the restaurant with mediterranean food. We never even talked about food “limits” we all ordered and ate what we liked. I like Mexican restaurants for that, too. Chinese places also do a good job. You’re right, this doesn’t feel like a diet, and YES I love the way eating good food increases both my energy and well-being. xo


  2. Well done! Sugar’s such a pull, isn’t it??!!

    I’ve been vegan for about 3 months now, which has its advantages as I can’t eat biscuits, cakes, etc (funny how I can totally resist them because of the vegan principle, but not because of calories!). I feel better already – the, um, digestive system works a lot better, for sure!

    Keep on keeping on…. xx


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