Finding Right Food

Saw my doctor a couple of months ago. Tomorrow, I’ll see her again. She’ll check my numbers and then I’ll know. Has all the work I’ve been putting in to a plant based whole food diet helped bring my sugar down? I know it’s helped with dairy intolerance because the symptoms of–and relief from–that don’t need blood work. I thought I’d miss it more, but I only miss dairy a little every once in a while.

One day I was watching High Carb Hannah and she made this amazing grilled cheese sandwich with vegan “cheese.” So I had that and while it is not unprocessed, it was really good. I’m not great at deprivation so I need a diet that helps me feel satisfied inside and out. I’ve been searching for that balance for a really long time.

It is work to change the way you shop, cook, and eat. But I’ve been doing versions of this for so long, I know most of the basics. It’s kind of a hobby, finding right food. Each time I try with the hope that the new plan, this time PBWF, will increase my health and well-being. It’s not that I even want to live longer. I want to live better. Without disease slashing away at me.

Even though I read all four of the books you see in the photo, two are recipe books and two are on the science of PBWF life, there was one thing I wasn’t doing. I was so busy learning a new way to eat, I wasn’t thinking about the weight loss aspect. I’ve been losing a pound a week, so I figured I’m doing okay.

Yesterday, my friend Sara said she eats a salad for lunch and for dinner before her carbohydrates. BTW I love eating all these carbs. I think it’s the best diet ever and feel like I could stick to it for the rest of my life. I’ve never been much of a veggie lover, but they are part of the diet, so I eat them. A plate of food on a high carb diet of whole plants measures out as half whole carbs, like potatoes, rice, whole grain bread and pasta. Then a quarter of the plate is veggie and a quarter fruit. That’s a lot of food.

The thing with eating fruit and veggie first is that it helps keep down the carb binge. One way I do this is with soups and stews where everything is mixed together. But as an overweight diabetic woman who can eat a whole plate of potatoes with no problem, I can see the benefit in salad. Also, my husband LOVES salad and he’s eating the same thing I am most of the time.

[A husband cheat is for the guy to A. cook their own meat and fish and B. eat it at lunch. Dinner too, if they want. Also Al eats dairy products and uses oil on his salad. We have worked it out.]

The featured image today shows how I set up salad for my lunch and dinner and also as part of Al’s dinner. I like fresh salad so I make it daily. I’m not crazy about lettuce so today I added spinach, tomato, cucumber, carrots, corn and blueberries. I top all this whole unprocessed food with a little salt and hemp ranch dressing or raspberry vinaigrette. Those are the two dressings I’ve tried so far, but I plan to experiment more with no-oil dressing with my Ninja blender.

So, even without the doctor saying I am no longer in danger of diabetes, I would still eat this way because my belly feels better, I’m pain-free, I have more energy and my mental mindset is more positive. My creativity is shooting off sparks. (I wrote a short story in two weeks and I think I found my next novel!) The physical stuff all happened within 24 hours of starting PBWF living and it’s only getting better. It takes about a week for the blood tests to come back, so I’ll share what’s happening with the insulin thing then. Meanwhile, I feel great, I’m writing and I’m losing weight. I’d be really surprised if my test results don’t reflect that.



  1. Cynthia so glad you are feelings so terrific and your nos. are better. We really are what we eat. I’m Irish so I have to resist a childhood pattern of spuds every night. I sympathize but I’ve really cut my carbs way back and feel so much better. Try yoga too, it really strengthens,lengthens and soothes! Well done!!!!

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    1. Bernadette, I’ve been struggling with the creative side lately. I pushed myself to finish and submit a novel, but for the first time ever I did not have a new novel to dive into. This concerned me as writing is my joy, and a big part of my social life is with my writing pals, where we talk writing and critique each others’ work, but I thought, well, maybe I’m done writing novels. And I didn’t want to be. It saddened me. So I thought ok just do a story. I started that about the time I started eating clean and suddenly the new novel I’ve been wanting to write is clearer, too.

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  2. So excited for you!

    Yikes, we’re doing the opposite. Well, we’re still eating a lot of vegetarian meals but have gone low carb. Hubby is doing way better. I think white carbs were causing inflammation in him. Think he’s sensitive to that.

    I meanwhile started losing weight finally. I have to get my cholesterol down, and to do that I need to lose weight, because I carry it in the wrong place. But now I’m also watching saturated fat on this low carb dealy. The high fat (keto diet) is far more satiating, so I am able to eat the right amount of calories now. So…avocados, olive oil and nuts, but sadly not so much cheese! So sad. LOL

    I’m really happy you are feeling great and getting your creative mojo!



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  3. I have been mostly vegan for ten plus years. Unlike many my age, late sixties, I am not taking any subscription drugs, don’t experience the stiffness most people seem to, and no chronic pain. To test if it’s food, all I have to do is eat meat a couple of day and the arthritis returns. For me, dairy plays havoc, phlegm and stomach. The most difficult aspect was to feel full. I’ve figured that out pretty well. I eat potatoes because the research supports the claim that its healthy and the potassium is a good addition to my diet. Also, I order my own blood tests, it’s cheaper and I get it back within 24 hours, 48 at the longest. Cindy, you will not want to go back to animal products. Your body will object.

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  4. Edith you are an inspiration. My arthritis seemed to disappear last year when I was in Florida but came right back once I rolled into Michigan. This vegan way is absolutely the best for my body. It was immediately apparent. And I went to doc for bloodwork and the results were so satisfying. I have managed to reduce that pre-diabetes range by half in just six weeks. So…I should have normal blood sugar very soon. Or that is the hope. Yes, potatoes are the really appealing part of this diet for me. Very glad you concur. Hope all is well where you are. I’ve been thinking of you since Irma…very glad you stopped by xo


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