Less is More

img_3337Home in Michigan now. The biggest unexpected thing I learned, something I never thought about, was that I have too much stuff. When we went down to Florida, we had a set of dishes, a television and a little desk. My dad had left us a sofa and a kitchen set. Also a bottle of wine and two coffee cups. That was all we had.

We knew we needed stuff, so we hit Costco for silverware and lamps. Then we bought a bedroom set and were dismayed to learn it wouldn’t come for two weeks. We had also brought down an inflatable mattress, which wasn’t too bad for a week, but by week two, we were ready for a real mattress. And pillows.

I got the basic kitchen stuff and added to it as needed. I’d clipped an article about “the only cleaning apparatus you’ll ever need” and I bought those. (Microfiber cloths, steamer mop for ceramic tiles, and vacuum for carpets). We painted the important rooms. Got cable. I bought a book cabinet and then books to fill it:) Except for art and picture frames, we were done.


And for three months, I was fine. I had everything I needed. Then I came home and was overwhelmed when I opened a cabinet or closet. So much food! Bowls! Glassware! Clothing! The basement could be another little house for someone; it’s full of stuff we do not need and will never use. I am going to be paring down significantly, but there’s a problem named Al.

Al had a slight tendency to hoard things. To “sell” someday. Or to “fix” or because it’s “cool” and a “classic.” The basement and his loft office here are Al’s territory. I cannot get rid of anything in those rooms. But I can go through my kitchen and my closet. And I know now living with less is somehow more.






    1. I came back a month too soon! I edit my closets and files regularly but it seems the minute I take a load to Salvation Army I’m back in the store buying something new. I have two large walk in closets of clothes and two dressers full too. My first step was to put everything into one closet and one dresser. Now everything is so crammed I have to purge.

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    1. I wish mine didn’t notice. He remembers every piece of frozen bread, every tube of toothpaste that has “one more squeeze” and of course his basement of old electronics is sacred! Sigh. But I am happy that I can clean out my own closet and he is fine with the main spaces being uncluttered.


  1. You go, girl! We’ve done all of that here due to little storage space. Lose it or use it is our motto. You will feel so good about each room you make your own. I am envious of all your adventures ~ your life is so much more interesting than mine. The money is nice but this working thing really cramps my style;)


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