Breaking Through

img_3494I wanted something to happen this winter. I knew the outer landscape would be different, but was hoping for big changes on the inside, too. Now that I’m into my second  month in St Pete, I’m making progress on those inner goals: to figure out my reluctance around writing, to work on my health, and to make friends.

In December, I was ready to take a three month break from novel writing, that’s how confused and conflicted I felt about my current project. To my amazement, one day last week I realized I was ready to get on with it. Not only ready: absolutely eager. Writing breakthrough, check!

Another pleasant surprise is how well the whole self-improvement plan is going. I wanted to work on my health: exercise more, eat less. And I’ve been doing that, faithfully attending Weight Watcher meetings (the ones I’m going to in St. Pete are so inspiring). I surprised myself by joining a line dancing class. Whew, those ladies work it! I didn’t take a correct step all night, but nobody minded, which helped crack my third goal, making friends.

img_3485Besides dancing, literally like a fool, I have been going to the weekly coffee our community hosts. Just trying to be friendly and open to meeting people. That’s working out, too. I met a few neighbors I really like. I’m even going to the Valentine’s Day dance this coming Saturday. Despite not being so great at line dancing, I really love to dance. My new friend was going alone so I said I’d go with her. I bought a ticket and everything!

I’m not sure if me buying a single ticket is what prompted one gentleman to ask “Are you a widow? Divorced?”I got a chill having those labels applied to me, however innocently. I felt disoriented, even a little shocked that somebody would just come out with a statement like that. “I’m married,” I said. “And my husband’s at work.”

Which is true. Al is at work. In Michigan. Wish he was here. Six more weeks!


    1. So happy you are pressing on and accomplishing your goals that you set out to reach. You are fortunate to be surrounded by such loving people I.e. Connie & Karen. Have fun Sis…I am trying to find my new place in this new chapter in my life. It isn’t as simple as most might think. Be greatful for the sunshine as that motivates me vs the gloomy clouds in Michigan :(.
      Love ya!

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    2. Sounds like you are doing fabulously and wooo hooo to the line back dancing! It’s also important that you miss Al, it means you love him and that frankly is a gorgeous thing. Maybe he’ll miss you too and wanna retire sooner than he thought. So keep having fun and make him jealous!!!! Yeah!!!

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      1. When I told him about it, Jackie, he said “It’s good that you are there alone and able to handle yourself just in case something ever happened to me.” Sigh. I was really hoping he’d say “I better get down there sooner rather than later and join you at coffee instead of golfing with your dad!” No such luck:)

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  1. Glad you’ve had the breakthrough! I love winter best for writing – close the curtains, shut out the world and get on with it. But I understand about difficult projects – my current one is the one that’s given me the biggest doubts, ever.

    Look forward to the spring and your happy reunion! As for the gentleman’s comment – well, perhaps he was interested….!! xx


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