img_3337In two days I’m moving to Florida. I’m not packed, just sitting here writing this post in my pajamas. I’ve been sick and my throat is sore from coughing. Everything hurts and I’m out of energy. I lack enthusiasm. I need the sun and warmth of my southern home.

I told Al yesterday that I would like to sell our condo in Michigan and make Florida our permanent residence. He’s still working here in Michigan so we have to keep both houses for now, but I hope in a year or two, if we decide we want to spend part of the year in Michigan, it will be in Traverse City where my grandson lives.

That’s a lot of hope.

Then there’s North Korea. I’ve been worried about North Korea for a long time. Watching the news this morning I see that NK has now miniaturized their ballistic missile which if true means they’d have the capability to drop a nuclear bomb on Seattle or San Francisco. Wait. What? How can this be true?

To my more trivial hopes, I add the deepest prayerful hope that NK will not fuck with the world this way.



  1. Cynthia, you had me going there for a minute. I thought you were moving within a few days. I was raised in New York, raised my family there. Moved to Deerfield Beach, Fl. when I was 49 and never looked back. I visit in the summer because I have family there but never, never in the winter. Love living in Florida. My daughter who was just starting High School at the time fought me tooth and nail. I told her she could go back when she graduated and attend university there. She didn’t. She Graduated FAU with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Landed a great job, married and now has two beautiful girls, nine and two. She still works and said she would never move back there.
    I do hope you move down soon and if you do let me know, maybe we can get together for lunch one sunny warm day in January. :o)

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    1. Alice, Happy new year! Someone just reported that “if it’s true” (the only source is a former high official who has defected) NK has finessed its WMD, it will take “years” for them to figure out how to deploy and hit an intercontinental target. “Years” was supposed to be comforting, I guess. It’s marginally comforting in that by then we may have figured out how to stop them in their tracks. ~

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  2. Aw, Cynthia, I just love your honesty. You are my role model.

    I hope you feel BETTER!!

    Re NK, I hope so too. As for me, I’m discouraged about bees. We really noticed the loss this year. (We’re gardeners.) I just received a Sierra Club letter asking for money and explaining the situation. It starts out with “This is not science fiction.” 40% of the bee hives died this year. A bee keeper came out to find all the bees in his once thriving hives piled up dead in front of the hives. Neonicotinoids are causing it. Banned in EU. Bayer makes this stuff that is a coating on the seeds they sell farmers (and strong-arm them to buy). I am so fed up. But fighting it. We still have a slight chance to pressure Congress to pass a bill. (Pause for laugh line. Right now the bill is sidelined of course. David and Goliath battle here.) If the bees are gone, our crops here in California will fail. But there’s always Soylent Green, so no worries. I hope we don’t have to learn the hard way.

    It looks like you have a friend down there in Florida. I’m so excited for you!! Go down there, stay warm, enjoy life, and yes, concentrate on visits to grand children. That’s what we’re doing!


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