Being Granny

My grandmothers were the best women I ever knew. From the day I was born, they were white lights shining on me, getting into my skin and deepening me into the woman I would some day become. When I was young I used to think “when will I reach an age when I can lay down my worries about wrinkles and waistlines?” I knew someday I’d get there, I just didn’t know when. Now I do. It happened when I became Granny, a little less than two years ago.

There’s a genetic alchemy that happens when we become mothers. We suddenly understand our own mothers much better. We love them more. The same thing happens when we become grandmothers, we cherish our own grandmothers more. Or maybe that love part, that best part, just hits the surface. Maybe it lays underground until it’s time to bloom.


Grace allows this transition, you don’t have to have children or grandchildren to lay down the shallow, the inessential. For me, it took that much. Others burn off the outer layer all on their own. Either way, there’s no joy quite like accepting yourself at the deepest level and feeling pure love for self and others without the masks.


    1. Thanks Larry! Yes, I think when you are raising a grandchild, you are probably a combination parent and grandparent and that would come with a whole other set of stresses. One of my grandmothers did take me in for a while when I was a teen and it was difficult on both of us:)


  1. Very moving, I did not have this experience with my grandmothers. One was gone before I ever knew her, and the other was so far out of my understanding that I didn’t appreciate her until well into adulthood (and even then she seemed quite alien to me). I honestly don’t know what my grandkids, ages 15 and 11, think of me.

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    1. I hope my grandmothers know what they meant to me, but maybe they didn’t. Maybe sometimes you only get a sense of that or a hope that you will mean something good to all the people in your life…


  2. Awww, What a touching photo. I love that pic. I’m going to become grandmother for the fourth time this year and I am just as excited as the first. Not having a mother, my grandmothers meant the world to me.

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