Rock Star

A package came from overseas. My dear friend Ali sent a stone that came directly from a mountain in Greece. It’s gorgeous! She also sent some other things from England. And it’s not even my birthday! I have so busy with NaNo, typing out 2K per day every day. So getting Ali’s gift was a bit like a reward for hard work done (and lots more yet to do, about 5 days away from half way:) I have to say I was also thrilled with the exotic Royal Mail stamp.

I only thought about this after I received the stone, but Ali has provided me with something I have been heartbroken about missing. Al and I had been planning a trip to Greece in 2016 with a stop in London (and a short train ride to Ali’s village from there for a nice lunch:)) Then the Greek currency crisis happened and we really didn’t want to travel there with the economic flux. So we postponed the trip. I’d built it up in my head, and was so looking forward to it. I’d done a great deal of research and was primed to go. I really thought I’d be meeting Ali IRL sooner than later. And then, alas, fate.


A big part of the trip to Greece, a highlight, was a trek up a mountain on an uninhabited island that was once a spiritual mecca for pilgrims. There are still ancient ruins at the top of the mountain, and in fact all over the tiny island. It’s like a museum on the Aegean sea. Alas, I will have to wait for Greek fortunes to turn. But in her own perceptive way, Ali sent me a piece of a Greek mountain and also something of England too.

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  1. Even back in 2010 my trip to Greece almost had to be cancelled, but luckily things settled down a bit when it was my turn to go. How lovely that you were sent a rock by your friend. I have a habit of taking a rock back with me from most of my trips. I like to keep them in a glass vase that I keep on my table. Every now and again, I like to dump them out and see what memories I can recall based on each rock.

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    1. Jeri, It’s unsettling when we can’t go exactly where we want to go when we want to go. I’m glad your trip worked out. I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt but kind of had to let that one go…forever. Greece though some day!

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