Full Circle

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Last time I “won” the famous November writing challenge to write 50.000 words in a month was 2005. I had previously published one book, a creative writing text I used in the classroom. I was also teaching college full time and writing reviews for Romantic Times magazine. Ten years later, I have published ten books. Eight of them novels or novellas. But the first novel I published was Sister Issues, the one I wrote during NaNoWriMo, the one recently released in print.

Feels like full circle as I write book #11 this month with the help of the greatest motivator ever. Words are flowing again after a two week writing break and then a week of organizing my thoughts and getting a solid conflict and a couple of characters to start my story. I’ll be working on a Christmas novel, something I have always wanted to write. A Blue Lake Christmas is #4 of six books contracted for the Blue Lake series with The Wild Rose Press.

I’m a believer in NaNo but November has not typically been a good month for me to start and finish a novel. This year, it just worked out. It’s been a while since I pounded out 50K in one month. Feeling a bit like really, can I actually do this? But then I remember I already did. So yes, I’m ready to NaNo and I highly recommend the process for anyone who wants (or like me, needs) external motivation.


    1. I want to read that. Intriguing title! And yes, I think comradeship is a word, comrade Jaye:) I am considering going to a live event here for the local NaNo group. But my favorite part is uploading my words every day:) Great motivation.

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  1. Bravo Cynthia! I really admire anyone who takes up the NaNoWriMo challenge, especially as I struggled to produce 1,000 words today, and shall probably delete a third of those tomorrow. Good luck!

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    1. Ann, 1000 words is great. I am trying not to think about how much of my first drafts I end up cutting. That’s why it’s nice to get it over with quickly in November. Then the real works starts:)


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