I am not very interested in promotion or platforms or any of that. I have this blog because I like blogging. That’s it. Also I remember I used to look at Jennifer Weiner’s blog and see all her book covers marching down the side of her page and thought how cool would that be? And now it’s real!

Anyway, I’m not sure about how this will work but I wanted to say that Blue Heaven is being reissued by Amazon Encore on September 15, 2015. That means it won’t be available anywhere (except perhaps pirate sites!) until then in e-book form. It’s still out in print as Encore only contracted e-book rights.

Even though I don’t like pushing my books, I am excited about this. Who knows what will happen? New life for an old book. cindy.signature.IMG_1606


    1. I make very little money writing. Some years more than other but never surpassing 4 figures, lol. It was $400 last year although to be fair I didn’t have a book come out until December in 2014. We’ll see how it goes. I write because I love it but making money is not against my religion I can tell you that. I’d love to have a bestseller that didn’t get there by being in a free promotion!


    1. Thanks Rose. Can’t take credit. My publisher is awesome. They publicized that book, it got so many great Amazon reviews, and I think that’s why Amazon chose it for Encore. I’m stoked!


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