Dreams of You

I don’t know what your cover looks like yet. I don’t know in which month of this summer or possibly fall you will appear. I’m not sure of your reception in the wider world. I don’t even know what I’m going to do to help you make your way in an overpopulated book market. All I know is I’ll do my best and muddle through.

Yes! I signed the contract for my third Blue Lake novel and I’m in that happy La La Land before edits arrive but after the deal is done.

I’d rather think about the book I wrote than the one I’m writing, and that’s the problem. I’m late on my pages for the critique group. All was fine and dandy, I had a swell idea for chapter three, I even wrote out the biography of my bad guy. Then I went and wrote myself into a corner. It happens. I thought about how to fix that. And then my editor wrote and my mind went to the the appealing thought “finally…a trilogy!” and then my brain started making appointments for a good head shot for the blog and maybe some new business cards and possibly a book party.

Meanwhile book number eleven, the book that is different, the book that I am writing for my dad because he loves mysteries, the book about my real town where bad things happen, the book that is my homage to Elmore Leonard, the book that follows one of my favorite characters into a new life. That book. It ran out of gas.

I know I need to get BIC and crank out a better chapter three. My critique group expects it, for one thing. For another, should I really be planning a book party for my tenth book? Why not? I think it’s time. In fact, I’d like to change the way I do business completely and instead of writing the next book I’d like to change things up and come a Public Relations Expert full of Promotional Mojo. I’d like to be that instead of a writer, I think. I know just the project I can publicize.

It will be so cutting edge they’ll have to invent new scissors.

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