The M Word

I have a mom who is still alive in this world. I love her but it’s complicated. I’ve unpacked that bag a few thousand times and still never bring enough socks. Bottom line: I love her. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

DSC_4883Also, I am a mom. That is not complicated at all, unless geography counts.

Then, there’s the icing on the cake that is motherhood,  the grandest of all of the grand moments,  becoming a granny! For me, that means more suitcases, but pretty ones I can pack at a moment’s notice. And do.


A week ago, I was with Owen in Seattle

He seemed puzzled that I was not on the telephone screen, but then he got used to it.

me.ben.IMG_1661 3This week I’m with my new little grandson in California.

He’s not confused about anything yet, he’s just an angel.

There are a couple of new moms I’m related to…those awesome women my sons had the good sense to marry. This is their first mother’s day ever. Last year, I had no grandchildren, this year I celebrate two of them!! A rainbow of a Mother’s Day ❤



  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Cindy! What a lovely post for today and how wonderful that you’ve been able to spend time with those special moms of your grandsons. You all look very happy:)


  2. These are precious moments in your life! You are so blessed with two wonderful sons and now two beautiful Grandsons! Oh how sweet life can be. God is good all the time, all the time God is good!❤️😋❤️


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