Serve Somebody

Photo on 10-20-14 at 5.39 AMIf the kingdom of heaven is within, then that’s where I want to travel. In fact, I think I need a nice long visit with the goddess inside before I can even begin to contemplate serving my life’s purpose. Kate said my life’s purpose is service to others, and involves travel and public speaking. I only recently got over a lifetime fear of public speaking, so even the thought of such a lifes’ purpose terrifies and exhausts me.

I understand this is a normal reaction to the next step toward the last one.

“Be here now” wrote Ram Dass. Astute advice and Eckhart Tolle lays the how of it out neatly in The Power of Now. I’m a believer in present moment awareness. Right this moment is all we have. So be in it. Not in the future of some “next” and certainly not in the past, which is gone. Therefore, I shall not fret more than momentarily about my “next.” I’m into now, and now is crazy enough that it makes me want to jump out of it into anywhere else.

Except that serving others “next” thing. Don’t want to go there. Selfish, I know. It’s a trait of Aries. We are the selfish sign. It’s all about us all the time. I used to think everybody was that way. It’s certainly the way things work in fiction. Every character believes they are the star of the show. And aren’t we all starring in our own lives?

How much better would that be if we knew our heaven inside? That’s where I want to go next.

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  1. Jan, Aries are lovely people:)) Although a few people in my family have made mention that I can be stubborn. Who, me? And thanks about that public speaking thing. Yes, it only took 20 years of teaching to get me used to being “The Sage on the Stage.


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