Emotional Encryption

reunion4Emotions are funny things. The way we move our bodies, the way we think our thoughts, the way we see the world, all of that goes into the emotion of the moment. Dancing, for example, makes me feel good. Like a secret code, moving my body to music changes my emotions in a positive, healthy way.

Dance is the answer to my search for some kind of aerobic exercise besides boring walking. I love yoga but in order to “live long and die short” six days of exercise is a must. And some of those need to be vigorous. I’m a writer. My fingers get more exercise than any other part of my body. I also love to read, so my eyes get a work out every day, too. 

For me, enjoying what I do is key. I needed to find something I loved as much as all my sedentary pursuits like meditation and yoga and reading and writing. I loved walking the hills of Seattle but I don’t live there and I need the endorphins of aerobic exercise now. I’ve considered joining many groups and classes, like a hiking group or a Zumba class. But my schedule is very full of group things just now and I need to guard my alone time.

Something solitary, then, was needed. After my Gypsy post, I got a clue. Dance. Alone. I don’t do well to choreographed moves, and I don’t go out dancing much anymore. I miss it. So I made up a playlist and it will be my pleasure to dance alone in my living room for 20 minutes three times a week. Maybe more! 

Gonna ease in with my yoga sun salutation to “Here Comes the Sun” (The Beatles)

Then will make myself laugh and shake my behind to “Get Up Off of That Thing” (James Brown)

3. “Call Me” — St Paul & the Broken Bones

4. “Hundreds of Ways” — Conor Oberst

5. “Rimbaud Eyes” — Dum Dum Girls

6. “Stranger to my Happiness” — Sharon Jones

7. “Under the Pressure” — The War on Drugs. “Under the Pressure” is an 8 minute song that has so many great dance moments but also kind of cools down near the end like a scarf trailing off in the wind.

Aerobic exercise is the final piece of my part of the Lisa Plan puzzle. I’m so pleased with myself for finally figuring it out. For this diet to work, it has to fit my life. I had to finesse it for me. So, Lisa and I plan to incorporate my alternatives into her awesome (and easy! and it works!) plan. 

This is the final Lisa Plan post. As we write the proposal and talk with agents, we will keep the permalink public for a few more weeks. For all the Lisa Plan posts, check top menu or click here.


  1. this sounds like a brilliant idea, but I’m afraid it won’t work for me. You see, I am hardly ever totally alone, so it would hardly count as regular exercise. I wanted to skip, but do you think you can find a decent rope anywhere?

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    1. You can find jump ropes with the other exercise equipment in any store that sells yoga mats and so forth. I got mine at Target. Jena, if you have little ones, believe me, they will LOVE dancing with you. If you have teenagers, they will leave the room and you will be alone. Or if you are just super-sociable, yay for you. I’m a bit of a hermit.


      1. thanks for the info, Cynthia, but as for the hermit reference, I’m worse than that. I am someone who wishes she was a hermit. Don’t get more anti social than that!


        1. It’s hard to be a hermit these days! So many people in he world … you’re probably an introvert who needs a lot of alone time, like me. Don’t feel bad about that. I can be social but after a party or an event I need quiet time. Lots of it:)


    1. Jeri, I like walking on hilly terrain, but it’s so flat where I live. I also like walking in nature, but that requires a car to drive to the nature area as I live in a place full of houses and condos. The other walking I like is destination walking. I can’t do those dance moves either, lol. I like freestyle:)


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