15 @ 150

59.4photoLisa’s plan calls for four mini-meals of 150 calories plus a normal dinner. People hate counting calories. I know I do. I wrote down everything I ate and what it cost in calories for years. I made recipes where I calculated out to the calorie how much a serving would “cost” me. That’s a lot of work!

But there is an easier way. First, you eventually learn that a banana is 100 calories and so is an egg. An apple is 50 calories and an almond milk latte is 50. But what if you’ve never counted calories and are finding it difficult to start now? Writing down every bite of food I eat? That was the most difficult step of WW for me.

As usual I whined about this to Lisa and she sent me a little list. 15 mini-meals for 150 calories. No counting. No writing. Just whip together and go. Here they are:

1. Light English Muffin with turkey slice
2. Light bagel with cream cheese
3. Turkey sausage on toast
4. Stir half cup ricotta with a few mini chocolate chips plus sugar free dulce deleche.
5. Low cal whole wheat tortilla spread with one TBS of nutella, brown slightly on both sides of pan til gooey.
6. Hot chocolate made with almond milk plus a calcium chew
7. Two slices 35 cal bread (Aunt Millie!) plus two fat free cheese slices, grilled
8. Chobani yogurt with fruit
9. Chobani as an onion dip. Half cup with 6 Pretzel Thins
10. Hungry Girl “Pie One On”
11. Grits, half cup almond milk, and a herb/garlic laughing cow wedge
12. Oatmeal, truvia, sugar free maple syrup
13. Waffle with blueberries (microwave blueberries in some sugar free maple syrup)
14. Half a fiber bar
15. Apple with a TBS cashew butter

Those are all Lisa’s, but I don’t eat sugar, sugar free, or fat free products. Nor do I eat meat. But I love soy sausage! Less calories, too:) I do also love the low cal Laughing Cow cheeses, Chobani yogurt, and grits. Almond milk is my go-to treat. So if like me you want no sugar or meat, but prefer real butter on your toast, or the whole egg, not an egg beater, or a whole grain slice of bread, be like me. I eat 3 minis at about 200 calories each. You just have to watch how much cashew butter goes on the toast or how many nuts you chop into the oatmeal.

I stopped writing down my calories after awhile, if you stick to basics, and this was Lisa’s pep talk to me, just mentally adjust to eating those 15 or 20 auto-foods you love, and you will lose weight. Even if you like full or low fat versions, you’ll still lose, just slower. I lost 25 pounds in a year, so half a pound a week, but feeling fully satisfied and never hungry. I am not sure how many calories I eat these days. I just try to be mindful of portion size and hop on the scale once in a while. It always points down a pound or so. Because I still have a ways to go.

Of course I’m doing yoga. Been walking since I got those great gel shoes, too. See you at the finish line, or next week when the topic is one of my biggest obstacles: emotional eating.

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  1. Lisa sent along some more 150s! More ideas

    Turkey w ff cheese slice of 30 cals w half of a sandwich thin

    130/170 or so cals chicken sausage

    Five shrimps (Just thinking of more protein packed snacks, also)

    One cup unsweetened ff Greek yogurt with Splenda and some berries

    Two cubes of 75 percent ff cheese by Cabot To equal 160 cals

    Sixty cals of ham and sprinkle of shredded cheese on 80 cal tortilla add some veggies if desired

    Sixty cals of Hummus on tortilla filled with some veggie


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