Eating Herself Thin

Lisa.photoA few years ago, my best friend Lisa decided to lose weight. I thought she looked great, but then, I was officially obese. It took her more than a year, but she whittled away substantial pounds (25-30) and this is how she did it. Mini-meals. Every 2-3 hours. She joked to her husband that she was “eating herself thin.” And wow did she ever.

There’s more to her plan, of course. Plenty of cardio. She walks her miles and likes dance classes. Almost three years later, she has kept the weight off, has boundless energy, and looks fabulous. As every woman who has ever gone on a diet knows, keeping the pounds off is the difficult part.

Stars know I’ve had plenty of experience there. Not a better yo-yo on the planet than yours truly. And at the time of Lisa’s weight loss, I was struggling with some difficult numbers for cholesterol and blood sugar. I asked her to help me work her plan and, like the bestie she has been since fifth grade, she pitched right in. It was an uphill battle, because yoga is my exercise of choice and I love cake, but she gave me the goods, including recipes that were simple to adapt to my vegetarian palate.

It’s been a slower process for me than for Lisa, as I had to be brought round to no sugar and limited refined carb rule by a second bad blood report. I do not want diabetes more than I want cake, chips, and cookies. On the bright side, we brought my cholesterol down without medication. and I was losing weight. Just very slowly.

But I kept at Lisa’s plan because persistence has paid off well in my life. It took me ten tries to kick cigarettes, but I did. 25 years ago. Persistence also saw me into becoming a published novelist, as I just would not give up. And now I have some persistence rewards to report on the weight front. I have not been obese for over a year. I don’t weigh myself like I should. I published two novels this year and a new edition of a third. I write in PJs or sweat pants. I had to buy smaller sweat pants this winter because they fell to my ankles every time I got up from my desk.

I thought they were just stretched out. I bought new jeans last summer but this spring they were so loose I could pull them on and off without unzipping. So this reluctant shopper took herself to the mall last week and tried again. I had not lost one size over the winter, but two. I still have a long way to go, but finally I feel the click Lisa talked about when you change your mind about food and how to eat it. Since starting Lisa’s plan, more than a year ago, I’ve lost 25 pounds. I have more to go, but this time, I’m confident I can make it work. Forever.

Lisa’s breakfast burrito: 80 calorie [whole wheat] tortilla, egg-beaters [1 egg], sprinkle of cheese. *Brackets indicate my modifications. Enjoy!


  1. Cyndi, You forgot to mention one the things I love to do is watch her get up in the morning in her undies. I can attest to her fabulous body. She actually eats more than me and I have thirty pounds on her.

    Frank, her husband.

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    1. Hi Frank!! Miss you guys. What a great husband you are. Al told me yesterday I’m looking good lately. He never complained when I gained weight, never said one word. Yesterday he said “I still loved you the same” but he did ask for a fashion show of the new jeans:)


    1. We do have a book, my only collaboration. It is in the works and I’m putting out some of the chapters free … Glad you want the book because Lisa has so much good information, so many recipes … I know you’re a more traditional eater than I am so maybe I’ll do a vegetarian and a traditional recipe every Monday. Revise as we go with input from comments.


  2. I never knew Lisa until a few months ago but I must say she looks awesome. She has not only a beautiful body but is truly a wonderful, caring person. Her beauty comes from within and she has a great outlook on life. I am happy to call her my friend. I love talking to her about how she lost her weight and how she gained so much energy. She is an inspiration:)

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  3. Yes, that was really a challenge until I remembered some of the things that diabetes can do to a person. Like blind you. Me, not being able to read? Ack! I’m just going to do it for six months and see how the next test goes.


  4. Hello 🙂 As you know, I am also interested in your weight loss success. I have put on a lot of weight recently, since going part-time from my job and spending most of that time sitting at my desk writing! I am nearly 50 now and I think that also has something to do with it. Not so much the weight gain, just the fact that I can’t seem to shift it. I have read a few articles suggesting that eating mini-meals every few hours is a good way to go. I wanted to ask you whether you calorie count though and how often you exercise? This seems quite important to me because I hate counting calories! When I was more active, it was only walking because I find that easy to fit into my schedule and I’m not sure that’s enough. Anyway, I would love some advice if you feel happy to share 🙂

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