Migration & Mike


♥For 12 years, my son has been my web designer. I hadn’t even thought about having a website or being a blogger, but he said “you should” and “I’ll help.” So I jumped in and it was more fun than I’d ever imagined. After a week, I purchased my dot com URL. That was Mike’s suggestion; he has been the brains behind this operation. Until now.

From Blogger to Typepad to Movable Type to Word Press, we migrated. We got hacked and spammed and every drama was another post. Whenever I saw something shiny and new (Retro social media buttons! Twitter birds! Mailboxes!) he would check out the site I’d found the icon or format or whatever and then write the code for me.

Code is poetry and Mike is a poet.

He has handed the admin keys over to me in this final migration while preparing for a blessed event in his own life. (And mine! Finally gonna be a granny:)

We’ve been discussing the great migration for awhile, I took the steps Mike told me to, just as I always have, and now it has happened. Word Press makes it easy, well, not for me, but I muddled through a practice run a couple of months ago and it wasn’t too difficult.

Here’s how to build a website today: sign up, try things, read stuff, watch tutorials. I just learned how to insert the code to wrap text around images today. It didn’t work at first. I had to click around a bit.

But this post is not about me. Today, it is all about a beautiful boy who believed in his mom. And kept believing. I don’t think I’d have a career without Mike, who saw the way the publishing wind was blowing way before I did, took my arm, and escorted me online in style.

Thank you.


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  1. Thank you Bodicia. I don’t know what I did to deserve him. Thanks about the site but I have a thousand things to do. I want to add tags, but they clutter the top. I know I can move them, it’s just, all this takes time. I will get it going properly. Eventually:)


  2. Lovely site, Cindy. Good for you. And great that your son was there to help through the early years. It’s all a learning experience isn’t it? Congrats! on the new books coming out soon. Looking forward to the read. Oh and again, congrats! on the granny thing. I’m still waiting. ; )


  3. Robena, thank you. I’m having fun while my head explodes here:) I remember being the only one in the room many times who wasn’t a grandma, and damn it was boring. Can’t wait to join the club:)


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