Artist by Accident

PicMonkey CollageLooking familiar, hey? In accidental artist mode, trying to create a beautiful postcard with limited tools.  Okay, tools are adequate, skills limited. Have other side, too, all my book covers, but I could not get them down to thumbnail size so I’m just going to throw myself on the mercy of Speedy Printing, who does my friend Iris’s beautiful cards.

Noticed with alarm that my supply of print books to sell at conference next Saturday (Still time to register; would love to see you there!)  has dwindled alarmingly. So I will hand out the postcards if I sell out of books. Big IF …

Because I am not a salesperson. Or an artist. Not even the kind who can make a cool collage on PicMonkey. But I am learning a few things about promotion and how to sell without spamming. I’m taking courses and workshops and yesterday did a “join me” session online with Rachel at BadRedHead Media. That was fun!

I love learning and being a student comes far before being the teacher, which is also pretty cool. Aries here! We like to strut. When we are not crippled with social anxiety. Notice how I went from “I” to “we”? Distancing technique. Like the movie stars who answer questions with “you” instead of “I” ~

Anyway, this is what I’ve been working on the last few days in my moments when I am not falling over from half moon pose or thinking deeply about my newest characters between scribbles. Lots of pages this morning. Writing first thing is best for me. And writing is the first thing every author should do. Write the best book you can. Then you’ll have something you’ll be proud to take to market.


  1. Hi Sharon, thanks, but, haha, the guy at the print place did not agree … I wanted my entire banner but not as much orange space under it, he agreed and said he could fix that. He said my email should be bigger and if I wanted he could put social media icons on there too. He did like the picture!
    So he’s totally re-doing this for $25. (minus print costs). And wait until you see the other side:)


  2. It’s always good to see things coming along. I went to my first writer’s conference last summer and quickly realized just how much I had to learn when it came to postcards, bookmarks, and all the other “goodies” that can entice potential readers. I just gotta focus and finish the book first!


    1. Writing the book is #1 Jeri. All the rest of it … is less important. Sometimes unconscious distraction. But this turned out to be a really good thing because it sparked another idea, then another one.


  3. You will not believe what the design guy at the print shop did to this postcard. It is beautiful and it inspired me to do a bit of marketing. But that’s for next Wednesday.


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