Plans & What Happens


Had entire plan mapped out for the three books  am currently working on: my print release-in edits now-my indie release-just back from beta-readers- and my current WIP-still in notebook stage. All balls in air, juggling smooth as a circus performer. Ha!

I love this Sweet Melissa cover art by Bodicia.

Sweet Melissa was supposed to be third in my “Traveling Girl” series, after Natalia. But Melissa, like many a secondary character before her, took the book over from Natalia, who never had a chance. Natalia is a strong secondary character and the book wouldn’t be what it is without her extraordinary powers to travel worlds and keep Melissa safe.

But Melissa and her friend are the traveling girls in Book Two. Add to that the awesome fact that Melissa and David are the hot couple in love, and then top it with this fabulous cover art, and even I finally saw the light. With the help of Marla, who said “This is Melissa’s story” and Bodicia, who painted something that drew me in so deeply that I began to write Melissa’s parts with much more power.

Sorry, Natalia. You are too busy in Book Two dealing with the spirit worlds and your new-found powers to even think about love. You’ll get your story some day soon, when you’re just a little older. And it will be worthy of you. And readers, Sweet Melissa, drops June 1.


    1. Thanks RoseAnn. I have been writing about my process here for 12 years and am trying to give readers a break with more people-who-are-not-writer friendly posts. How am I doing? Lol.


  1. Speaking as someone who begins the next book as soon as one has gone to the proofreader, I totally get this plan thing!!!! However, I could never write a series – I found writing a sequel so difficult, as it had to be stand alone, too. And I’m going to write another one, for Kings and Queens… this one won’t be entirely stand alone, though; I couldn’t possibly encapsulate all that happened in K&Q into the backstory bits!

    Best of luck with all this! xx


    1. Thanks Terry. I can’t see any of your secondary characters stepping out of line. First time it’s happened to me, but I’m going with it. Now let’s talk about hitting weekly targets. Or not:)


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