Unexpected Gifts

murphy.fam.1503348_10202170444478147_167755538_nChristmas morning, talking on Facetime with Mike and Jessica. Murphy was on his favorite spot of the sofa behind them. Murphy is their dog. He’s a corgi. Isn’t he cute? I bought him a coat for Christmas. I asked if it fit. It did. He looks so cute in it. Want to see a picture? We were talking on my phone so they sent the picture to Al’s phone. Al looked quite puzzled. Did you get it? I asked. Yeah, he said, but it’s fuzzy. It’s not Murphy. I asked for the phone and saw the picture. An ultrasound. Immediate teary eyes. But I didn’t want to be wrong, even though I wasn’t.

Is this…are you…they laughed with happiness. Yes, Jessica’s going to have a baby. Best Christmas present ever. And now, best birthday present ever as I get to share the news far and wide. I’m gonna be a granny. It’s a boy:) Love boys. I keep throwing out names. My son is a junior (II) so I said “you know if you name him Mike, you can call him Trey.” (Three in French. I think.)

Al and I have already booked tickets for expected arrival. I cannot wait to hold this baby.Jess.32weeks.IMG_7400


    1. Thanks Aunt Wese, I plan to fly there often. Al won’t always be with me, but he agrees I should go. I’d like to babysit while they go out to dinner or even take an overnight trip. Of course that won’t happen for awhile. Remember how the thought of being away from baby too long was an actual physical pain? Mike didn’t have a babysitter except my mom until he was two. We just went to Lamaze class and he cried the whole time we were gone. My little one is now having his own little one. My heart is so full.


  1. I was just out buying pretty lace lingerie the other day and thought ‘Why am I still doing this at my age?’ And then I answered myself ‘because I like it.’ Also like my granny pants. Time and place for everything. Life is full:)


  2. I know:) Leave it to Mike & Jessica to come up with a unique surprise. Completely unexpected. Every time they call when it’s not a holiday or some special day, I wait for an announcement. But this time, I wasn’t even thinking “maybe…” lol. Love my kids!


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